Balloon Patterned Clogs for 18" Dolls
Balloon Patterned Clogs for 18" Dolls
Here's our 18" doll's clogs from a different angle
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It's really funny... these 18" doll's balloon clogs are about the least expensive item we offer in this category. And yet when they arrive at your home, they are going to be the star of the show!

OK, maybe not as loved as the doll herself, but definitely a close second.

Never underestimate the cuteness factor! And ease of use is not a bad thing either. Whether with a summer shorts and tee outfit, or jeans and a sweater, your daughteer will choose these clogs first, because they're so easy to put on... and then when she sees what they look like, she'll likely leave them on... even while she chooses other outfits

So, cute to look at, easy to put on, goes with almost everything that isn't 'dressy,' and inexpensive to buy. No wonder they're a best-seller!
Why we love this product: Fits Most 18" dolls
The easiest doll's shoes to put on, and they go with every casual outfit
A pretty pattern of multi-colored balloons
Pink leatherette hem lends a touch of femininity
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