Curly Girls Kahlia - 18" Black Doll with natural hair
Curly Girls Kahlia - 18" Black Doll with natural hair
A close up of Kahlia's Beautiful Hair
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For the last couple of decades the makers of Black Dolls have gotten closer and closer to making the 'perfect' Black and African American dolls. 

More natural skin tones. More realistic facial sculpts with more natural cheekbones, noses and lips. And we watched as Black doll hair went from straight, to wavy to curly to 'natural.' 

With Curly Girls Kahlia, I don't think any more tweaks are needed. I think as a 'doll' representation of 'Black is Beautiful,' perfection has been reached. At least as far as the 18 inch - American Girl™ category is concerned.
(We offer different 'perfect' Black dolls in the Black 'Baby doll' and Black 'Rag Dolls' categories.)

And considering that American Girl's­® Black Dolls list at $115 we're pretty sure you'll find our $74.99 to be the perfect price as well!

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WARNING! Choking hazard: May contain small parts, not for children under 3 years.

Doll Type: Black or African American 18 inch fashion doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color, Hair Color/Type Dark Brown, Dark Brown open and close, Black Synthetic in Natural curls
Size: 18 inches
Packaging: Polybag with insert
Special Because: Our Black Doll with the most 'Natural' hair
Special Because Extended Breast plate for more lifelike neck and shoulders
Why she'll love this doll: Safe for Ages: 4 years and older
Curly Girls Dolls have the extended breast plate unlike many 18" dolls where cloth body meets at the neck
Doll has more natural look of shoulders and a neck as a result.
Kahlia comes dressed in tis layered polka dot dress with pink silk roses on shoulder strap and hair band, black tights and silver flats
Fits all standard manufacturer's 18 inch doll Clothes including American Girl, Madame Alexander, Adora, My Generation and most others
Doll can be self-standing and posable, open and close eyes, swivels at neck, shoulders and hips
Special naturally curly synthetic hair can be finger styled
Doll Ships with pink headband and protective hairnet
American Girl® dolls start at age 8. In Comparison, Kahlia is safe at age 4
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