Pink Princess Gown or Quinceanera Dress for 18 inch dolls
Pink Princess Gown or Quinceanera Dress for 18 inch dolls
Included with Cinderella's gown
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There are two ways to look at this 18" doll's Pink Princess gown and Quinceanera dress:
  • It's too unrealistic and she doesn't need anything so fancy for her doll.
  • I want my daughter to have dreams and aspirations and belief in beauty.
American Girl™ dolls created this category we call "18 inch dolls," and the wole industry of 18 inch doll clothes and accessories that goes with them. And of course a majority of the clothes are current fashions, similar to what your daughter sees around her every day.

But have you ever noticed how large a percentage of what you see for these dolls is made up of costumes and role play and fantasy clothing? Like our Chef's Outfit or Medical Scrubs or Flight Suit?

Do you know why? It's because this is the time in your daughter's life when she is building her imagination muscles, when she can begin to see a role for herself in the world, when she starts to learn and believe in possibilities.

That's why Addie and I offer these beautiful and fantastical Princess, Quinceanera Gowns and Wedding Dresses. When your daughter's mind is ready to grow and imagine, we wnt to have these beautiful dresses available.
Why she'll love this outfit Age Recommendation about ages 4 and older
Standard 18 inch doll size will fit almost all manufacturer's dolls including All 18" dolls including American Girl, Madame Alexander, Adora, Gotz, Corolle, Our generation, Journey Girls etc
Velcro™ Closure along 1/2 the back for easy on and off dressing
American Girl dolls and clothes start at age 8 In our test labs children around 4 could dress their dolls, some had trouble with the shoes until they stretched out a little.
Hand washable only
Includes shoes, lace gloves, full gown and Tiara Tiara snaps together
Doll is not included - for picture purposes only.
Comes packaged in Poly Bags
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