Pink Chiffon Bubble Dress & Leggings for 15" Dolls
Pink Chiffon Bubble Dress & Leggings for 15" Dolls
Here's the outfit on Jazmyn, it will also fit Shanti, Jennifer & Stella as well as Bitty Babies
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When my staff showed me the picture of this 15" doll's Bubble Dress, I was not impressed. 

After all, I'm a guy; I'm not the best one to show 'clothes on a hanger' to. (I may be the owner, but I really don't have much say in the girl's doll clothes department, if you know what I'm saying.)

But as usual, the ladies on my staff got their way, and soon thereafter these Pink Chiffon Bubble Dress with the matching leggings arrived. 

And once again (as usual), my staff was right... they are gorgeous, and look terrific on our 15 inch dolls! 

Now if only I could figure out how they  look at a picture and know what it will look like on the doll! 

PS: More than a third less than comparable Bitty Baby doll clothes from American Girl®! 

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Includes: Pink chiffon Bubble Dress and matching pink leggings with ruffled trim
Fits: 14" to 16" Dolls including American Girl Bitty babies, Baby Stella dolls and more
Packaging: Polybag on hanger
Age recommendations: 3 and up - dressing difficulty - moderate
Special Because: Will give her dolls a very soft and feminine look
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