Holiday Dress for 10 inch Dolls
Holiday Dress for 10 inch Dolls
Here's what the dress looks like on the dollThe bloomers are a 'tad' large for the doll
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Our chubby charmer dolls are among our most popular. Not only are they cute and adorable, but they are virtually indestructible, and make great water babies.

But there is one problem... they come dressed in diaper and nothing else. And for the last 10 years Addie and I have been fielding calls from customers like you asking: "Do you know where we can get clothes for those dolls?"

And until now, the answer was "No we don't."

But then we found out that Rosalina (our supplier for the Aasha dolls) makes 10 inch doll dresses, so we bought one to see if it would fit - and it does - so we bought more for the Christmas selling season.

And if enough of you love them and buy them to go with your daughter's new dolls, then Addie and I will buy some without the Santa design for the rest of the year.

Why you'll love this dress Safe for ages: 2 years or older
You are looking at a: 'Santa Face,' Smocked, Green, Small Check, Gingham, 10 inch, doll's Holiday' dress. Whew! Isn't that a lot of words for such a small dress!
Dress comes with bloomers
There is a Velcro™ closure on the back of the dress
Hey Mommy! If your daughter is too young to dress her doll, that means quality play time for you with her!
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