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A little Girl with Her Baby Doll
'Half of America's kids are Black, Asian or Hispanic' right?
of course half are boys!

So where are all the Black Baby Dolls? The Dolls for Boys?

The Hispanic Baby Dolls? The Asian Baby Dolls? The Biracial Dolls?        

They're Right Here. 

Welcome to The Pattycake Doll Company!

What kind of Doll were you looking for? Your choices are:

Muffin, African American Doll with Hair
Click Here for: Dolls for Black and African American Children
Over 75 beautiful Black dolls to choose from - for children of all ages including newborns.

An all cloth soft baby boy doll

Click Here for: Boy's Dolls and Boy Dolls!
Whether you want 'dolls for boys' or a 'boy doll' that boys or girls can play with, Pattycake Doll delivers!

A pretty Mexican Baby Doll in costume
Click Here for: Ethnic, Biracial & Multicultural Baby Dolls!
No matter how you describe them, Mexican Dolls, Hispanic Dolls or Latina Dolls;
Biracial, Multicultural or just plain Ethnic Dolls... 
We do have the perfect doll for your child.

Soft Plush Character Dolls

Click Here for: Favorite Dolls for The Holiday Season
Teddy Bears are so... 'ho-hum.' The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who are "Ho-Ho-Ho!"

Click Here for: Asian Baby Dolls!
For an Asian baby's first doll, soft
plush bedtime dolls for boys or girls - and more; Pattycake Doll promises the best selection!

Click Here for: Educational Toys & Learn to Dress Dolls
Like 'hiding the peas in the gravy,' teaching them with Learning Dolls ☺  - Numbers, letters and of course, Learn to dress skills!

Coralie Bathtub Doll

Click here for Bathtub Dolls
A warm bath at the end of the day is so relaxing!

In about three days....

African American Baby Doll ...your Pattycake Doll box comes in the mail;  

You had it delivered to the office; you wanted to check it out before you gave it to her.

The site said you could return it if you wanted to... Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

You open the box, and... look at her! she's beautiful! You've finally found a doll that looks like your daughter!

This is exactly what you were looking for, just wait until she sees it!

Michael, a soft cloth African American boy doll
So welcome to Pattycake Doll... Your #1 source for:
Black Baby Dolls. Brown Baby Dolls, Hispanic and Latina Dolls.
Bi-racial dolls. Multicultural, Multiracial and International dolls.
Asian Baby dolls. Soft Dolls, Collectible Dolls, Rag Dolls. 
Music Box Dolls and Musical Toys for the nursery. 
Soft, plush Educational Toys and Learn to Dress Dolls
      (including Ethnic Potty Training Dolls) 
            Down Syndrome Dolls and Toys for Special Needs Children

Crib safe African American soft cloth doll
PS: As you poke around the site a little, please try not to get too hung up on our color definitions. God has a lot of colors on his palette, so be sure to check more than one category in the links above. We're sure you'll find a doll that fits your needs!

The dolls you can't find in your local stores:

an African American Boy 'Learn to dress' Doll

We received our "diversity" dolls and they're delightful! Very fine quality and so cute.  The Learn-to-Dress features are so clever and the dolls are such a nice, sturdy size for little hands to hug and love. Thanks again from everyone in little Mahtomedi, Minnesota!
Reggie Buresh / Librarian & Webmaster, Mahtomedi High School.

Our story...

Addie and I are often surprised to learn that people really do want to know how we got started in this business. The simple answer is that we started trying to do something else, and failed! But out of the ashes of that failure came the seeds of this success. We were a small  adoption stationery studio and had added baby baskets for adopted children. Never sold a basket!

But when we decided to close our store, rather than take a total loss on our inventory, we decided to take the various parts and pieces that went into the baby baskets and try to sell them off and at least try to recover some of our costs. To our surprise, the Black rag dolls and Asian baby dolls sold! And what we learned from our customers, was how hard it is to find Asian, Black and Hispanic baby dolls for your children. 

The problem was then, as it still is today, that most toy stores don't carry much of a selection of ethnic dolls! Very rarely can you find Asian dolls, Chinese dolls or Black and Hispanic dolls at your local K-Mart™ or Toys'R'Us™. Even our African American doll customers were having a tough time finding decent black dolls for their children.

At the Pattycake Doll Company, we love children, and we know that children love dolls.
Our goal is to offer your children a doll that they will hug and love and tell everyone proudly:
"My doll looks just Like ME!"

Our promises to you:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. You may return any product you have bought from us, within 30 Days, for any reason with no re-stocking fees.
  • Safe and Secure shopping: To find out how we make your shopping experience safe and secure, click here for more information
  • Speedy Delivery. Your order will be processed and shipped via US Mail, usually within24 hours. 
  • Privacy: We do not share your information with anyone. Period. We are not for sale.
  • Great communication: We will answer your questions within 24 hours.
  • A square deal: We do all we can to provide a quality product at a fair price. If we screw up, let us know... we'll fix it.
  • Accurate inventory controls When we don't have stock, our shopping cart won't work for that item. No surprise delays.

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