Scary Cute Tee Shirt for 18" Dolls
Skull and... pink bows?
Scary Cute Tee Shirt for 18" Dolls
A little better view of the bottom and the pink lace trim
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Fashions change so fast in girl's clothes, that by the time they make doll's clothes to follow a trend, it's usually over. 

That's one of the reasons doll clothes are usually so boring... better to make the 'tried and true' than to experiment with doll's clothes on the edge.

Fortunately, 'Scary' is a trend that seems to have some lasting power. Part Goth, part Steampunk, and all 'skateboard chic,' our Scary Cute tee shirt is still selling well, and seems to be holding on to it's popularity.

As long as your daughters love it, we'll carry it!

PS: This is one of the easiest Tee's to put on and off, it has a velcro™ strip running almost the full length of the back.
Includes: One screen printed black tee shirt with pink lace bottom
Fits: All 18" dolls full size, slim and cloth
Packaging: Polybag
Age recommendations? None (simple to put on and off)
Special Because: Pink lace accent on the bottom makes it look layered
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