My Rosy Cheeks Ethnic Baby Girl
My Rosy Cheeks Ethnic Baby Girl
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When you own a doll store, you fall in love with every doll you carry, right? And when parents or grandparents ask for a recommendation, like "Which is the best doll for...?" it's hard because you love them all so much!

Fortunately, because every child is different, and because every doll gift is different, it becomes a little easier when you know what you are looking for.

Here are some of the requests that this doll is the answer to:
  • "Do you have any dolls for mixed kids?"  Yes! My Rosy Cheeks Ethnic Baby, light beige in color, is perfect for many 'children of color' including, Biracial, Hispanic and other Multicultural children.

  • "My daughter asked for a baby doll." Rosy Cheeks is your answer! What a wonderful doll! Soft velour with embroidered facial features, a removable cotton jersey and fleece diaper over a lifelike bottom, chubby baby's legs and belly and soft sculpted fingers and toes... Rosy Cheeks Baby is absolutely irresistible!

  • "We are a (fill in the proper blanks) Hospital -- Pre-school -- Mixed Family -- etc. Do you have a Rosy Cheeks doll for us? Answer: Are you kidding? Of course! Rosy Cheeks babies are so popular that we carry all four versions: the White Boy and Girl and the Ethnic Boy and Girl. 
Winner of awards from Creative Child Magazine and Toy Tips Trusted, Rosy Cheeks is safe for younger toddlers, and is machine washable. 
Here are the other Rosie Cheek babies:
Reasons to love this doll: Safe for ages: 2+
Need Brother and sister dolls? Twins? Mixed adopted families? We carry all four dolls!
15" tall soft velour baby doll
Light tan coloring makes her perfect for ethnic, bi-racial and mixed kids too!
Soft and cuddly! A perfect rag style baby doll
removable top and diaper
Multiple award winner! TTT (Toy Tips Tested and Trusted) and Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence awards
Soft sculpt artistry with fingers, toes, and bottom, outie belly button, ears and nose!

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I couldn't believe it!My husband is Jamaican and I am part Cherokee and part German, and we had never seen a doll that looked like our daughters, then we found This Rosy Cheeks baby, and she's perfect!!! Thank you so much!!! Written by Monica on Fri 10 May 2013 9:46:00 PM GMT
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