Asian Potty Training Doll - Boy
No More Diapers!
Asian Potty Training Doll - Boy
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When it comes time to potty train your child, doesn't it just make more sense to use a doll that resembles your child?

Remember, we're going to make this experience fun, and fast. A new learning game that encourages your child to want to use the potty... to be a big kid... to have a sense of accomplishment. We're going to have your child 'model' the behavior of the doll; it's so much easier when we start with a doll that looks like him!

These 14 inch, all cloth dolls are anatomically correct, machine washable, and come with a diaper, long sleeve shirt and potty chair.

Best of all, these soft all cloth dolls are great companion dolls for after Potty Training as well! Long after Potty success, your kids will be playing with these dolls.
Reasons to love this doll: Safe for ages: All Ages including Newborns
Not just for Potty Training! This is a Great Asian Boy's Doll!
All cloth doll; machine washable and dryable
Safe for infants and up; a companion doll for before and after potty training
Doll comes with own potty chair
Anatomically correct
14 inches tall...2 inches larger than our regular Baby Bottoms™ dolls
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