Little Bear's Baseball Cozy
Baseball Themed
Little Bear's Baseball Cozy
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Cozies are basically mini security blankets, but in the hands of todays talented designers they have come into their own as wonderful baby shower gifts or as alternatives to loveys. 

I'm sure you've seen infants sitting quietly, humming to themselves with a piece of soft 'something.' Maybe they're in a crib getting ready to nap. Maybe they're calming themselves down after a busy day; but it's that serene sense of comfort that stops us and makes us take notice. We wish it were as simple for us! 

Little Bear is a cozy. Eight and a half inches, silky smooth fleece, and an adorable Teddy Bear head of contrasting colors. Machine washable and infant safe.

Now, who these are designed for are Daddies. You see, some new daddies are a little uncomfortable (still!) with 'baby's things.' It ruins their sense of 'manliness' somehow to be seen with a baby's cozy! (These are the same guys who'll never hold your purse when you're in the dressing rooms Mommy.) So we have a 'manly blue' cozie in a baseball cap - and although it's meant for baby, this way Daddy won't feel embarrassed to hold on to it ☺ And of course, Baby won't care!

Reasons to love this doll: Safe for ages: All Ages including Newborns
A soft small cozy to help children comfort themselves
Use as a small security blanket
Machine washable
8 1/2 inches, all polyester
Teddy Bear head in baseball cap
Cozies should be bought in twos in case of loss or laundry
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