My Rosy Cheeks Blonde Baby Girl
My Rosy Cheeks Blonde Baby Girl
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There is a certain magic to a soft-sculpted cloth doll that capture a child's heart. 

And the Rosy cheeks dolls are among the best soft-sculpts you can give her. Fingers and toes, a cute little nose and 'outie ' belly button, along with her adoable embroidered face, blkushed cheeks, and her little top knot of hair tied in a pink ribbon... she even has a tushy! 

Bigger than most Teddy Bears, but just as soft and cuddly, if your little girl has been asking for a 'baby doll,' right here you're looking at one of the best.

Rosy Cheeks babies come white and ethnic, and girls and boys (the doll itself is not gendered,) so if there are twins, or cousins that might enjoy a Rosy Cheeks Baby, we have one that fits every child's needs.
Why she'll love her doll For ages starting at 24 months
Rosy Cheeks babies are 15 inches tall
Made of soft velboa polyester over fiberfill
Diaper and blouse are removable
Surface washable
Multiple award winner TTT (Toy Tips Tested and Trusted) and Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence awards
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