Horsey Heaty Microwavable Heating Pad for Kids
Horsey Heaty Microwavable Heating Pad for Kids
A "size comparison" picture the horse is about the same size as the hedgehog
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Little girls love horses, and little girls love to cuddle with soft plush animals.

Now, imagine a soft, cuddly, plush horse - made to be heated in the microwave, and then provide comforting, soothing heat and lavender aromatherapy for your daughter for an hour!

The perfect comfort toy. So cute, so soft and so useful!

And you Mommy, you'll be comforted to know that Horsey Heaty is made with special microwave safe fabrics, extra thick microwave safe thread, and meets or exceeds all American AND European safety regulations!

Like all microwavable heating pads though, you'll need to take the proper precautions:

1: As with all microwavable heated products do not allow children to use unsupervised.
2: There is no 'one-size-fits-all' heating, as microwaves differ in wattage and power. Heat for 15 seconds and then add 15 second re-heats until temperature is comfortable to skin.  Do not overheat. Do not leave in microwave unattended.  
3: Surface wash only - do not allow contents to get wet.

4: Placing this product in a plastic bag before freezing will help keep it clean.

Is used for: Children's Microwavable Heating Pad and Bed Warmer, Aromatherapy
May also be used as: Bed cooler or mild fever relief on forehead, Cold pack
Size: Approximately 9 inches
Insert Type Fiberfill, Flax seeds
Scented With: Lavender
Insert Removable? No
Cover: Cotton, Polyester Fibers
Design: Horse
Packaging: Twistie attachment to heavy cardboard hanging header card
Availabilty: In Stock delivers in 3-5 days
Why you'll love this heating pad Safe for ages 3 and older - heat and use with parental supervision
Properly heated, your Horse should stay warm for one hour
Specially designed for use with Microwave - flame resistant fabrics, microwave safe threads and fillings Do not heat in regular or toaster ovens
If product gets wet, do not microwave until flax seeds are fully dried
Lavender Aromatherapy and warmth helps active children to relax and fall asleep!
Can also be used as a cold pack for soothing itchies and bumps.
Insert NOT removable - Surface wash cover only!
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