Sesame Street Rosita Plush Character Doll
Soft and sweet
Sesame Street Rosita Plush Character Doll
Here is the Rosita puppet as she appears on Sesame Street
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When all else fails, a Sesame Street soft plush Rosita doll is a perfect gift for a young child. Friendly, familiar, Sesame Street character dolls bring out the best in your children... encouraging their imagination and storytelling, singing and other pre-school skills. 

If you are not a Sesame Street addict, let us tell you a little about Rosita. 

Rosita is Mexican, is a fruit bat from a large and loving family of fruit bats including her disabled veteran father Ricardo, her mother Rosa and her Abuela. Rosita is bilingual and plays guitar and is featured on many Sesame Street episodes doing both.

Our new Rosita Sesame Street Plush Character doll is super soft, bright tourquise green, and very kid friendly; she makes a great gift.

PS: Listen to Gloria and Rosita sing a duet on Sesame Street

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Here's the links to the dolls who are Rosita's 'best friends:'
Doll Type: All cloth Sesame Street Character Doll
Size: 13 inches
Gender: Female Mexican Fruit Bat
Availability: In Stock
Scent: None
Packaging: Hang Tag
Why we love this doll: Safe for ages: from 12 months+
Rosita is made of wonderfully soft polyester fabrics
Hand washable
Please note: this Rosita Doll is the 13 inches tall plush doll, not the 8" beanbag doll
Made by GUND under license from Sesame Workshop
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