The ABC's Song Musical Plush Bear
The ABC's Song Musical Plush Bear
Here's The ABC's Elephant for comparison purposes
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We put the Pattycake Doll Company phone number at the top of every page. 

We thought most people would want to know how fast their order would arrive (3-5 days); do we ship International? (Yes); is what they want in stock. (If you can see it you can order it.)

What we didn't expect - although in retrospect we probably should have - was how many people wanted our advice on a gift. 

In the 'under $20 price range,' The ABC's Song Musical Plush Bear is one of our most frequently suggested gifts for a new baby.

It's cute. It's soft. It looks great when it's unwrapped and it looks great in the nursery. It is safe for a newborn. It is suitable for either a boy or a girl. If there is an older sibling in the picture it can be 'shared.' (Baby is too young to  care that big brother or sister is playing with their toy!)

And in spite of themselves, big brother or sister will end up learning the alphabet song. 

Why we love this product: Safe for ages: All Ages including Newborns
Baby Safe, but toddler entertaining
Plays the classic alphabet song
About 9 inches tall
Soft plush, surface washable, pastel colors
Gender Neutral - great gift for boy or girl
No batteries needed! (These new-fangled chips that play 100's of times)
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