Fly With Me - Safe Travel Kit for Kids
Fly With Me - Safe Travel Kit for Kids
You think this kid is going to wake up cranky?
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Crowded airports, the mall at Christmas... there are a lot of times when those little folk can just disappear from view. Sure 99% of the time you find them in a minute or two... but for those two minutes your heart is in your throat and you're imagining the worst. And it's so unnecessary.

You've got luggage, security, planes or trains to catch, Gate to Gate scrambles... most of the time you've got her on your hip, but you put her down for just a second... and all of a sudden, you can't see her....

Here's what you get:

  • Giraffe Child's Safety Lead. Soft plush Giraffe Plush with web straps and buckles that fits most children from two to six years old. Comes with a detachable lead, about 3 feet long.
  • Genuine Sheepskin Child's neck-rest and pillow. We already know the advantages of travel pillows for adults, but most of them are too large for children in this age group. And the baby's neck rests are too small for the six year olds; Our sheepskin pillow is meant to bridge the difference between babies and adults.
Slumped over sleep obstructs the air ways. In adults it's called sleep apnea...
Travel pillows help support your child's head during long flights, or car trips, more oxygen to the brain, less snoring. Better Sleep. 

WARNING! Choking hazard: May contain small parts, not a toy, always use with adilt supervision. Do not use to tie children to stationary objects like a crib or table.
Why we love this product: Solves two common travel problems
Travel harness helps keep child safe while traveling
You don't have to carry your child to keep them in sight
Gives child more freedom of movement
Lead attaches on child's back Child cannot easily un-clip herself.
Travel pillow and harness are both meant for children 2-6 years old
Pillow is genuine sheepskin - not synthetic More comfortable, better for your child's skin
travel pillow can be used any time a child is asleep in a car, on a plane etc...
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