Down Syndrome Boy Doll
A doll that looks like me
Down Syndrome Boy Doll
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A special gift that enlarges the world for our children, these Down Syndrome dolls are designed to reaffirm the beauty and joy that dolls bring to all children. Dolls bring out the love in our hearts, and help stimulate our nurturing and caring natures. The gift of this doll will help bring out the abundance of love in your child's heart as well.

The Pattycake Doll Co. takes great pride in presenting the first ever soft-sculpt cloth dolls for children with Down Syndrome. Help build self-esteem and self respect with a doll that "looks like me!" A doll that teaches your child the positive message that "we're beautiful too."
Approx. 14 inches tall, lightweight all cloth and fiber filled, machine wash and dry, easy to dress slip on pants and velcro-strip top. Available for either boys or girls and in white or ethnic skin tones. 

PS: During the design process, we consulted with many of the leading national Down Syndrome organizations; we want to recognize and thank them for their valued suggestions and their enthusiastic support.

Even so, there are some parents who feel that these dolls should not exist. That they are ugly and exaggerate the worst features, or are exploitive. On the other hand we have heard from parents who love these dolls, and more importantly, whose children love these dolls. If you don't like this doll, just don't buy it! But we guarantee however, that if you do buy it and give it to your child, it will be unconditionally and forever loved.

And remember... basically this is just a sack of cloth with fiberfill in it. It is a toy meant to bring joy to a child. No more - no less - a child's doll to be loved.

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Features Safe for ages: 2+
Superb soft-sculpt craftsmanship with following features of a child with Down Syndrome
Almond shaped eyes
Soft sculpt shortened fingers and toes
Horizontal crease embroidered on hands
Soft sculpt small mouth w/ slightly protruding tongue
Gap after big toe
Flattened nose bridge, sewn on ears
Available as boys or girls with Down or in ethnic boy and girl
All cloth, longlasting fabric shell and fiber fill - easy to carry,
Easy to clean - machine wash and dry after daytime spills or night time accidents
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