Blessed Friends - Goodnight Prayer Teddy Bear
Blessed Friends - Goodnight Prayer Teddy Bear
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When the choice is between a Praying Boy doll, a Praying Girl doll, and a Praying Teddy Bear, is there ever a reason why the Teddy Bear is the best choice?

Sure! Here's three:
  1. For twins, when you don't want to give the same exact thing to both. (It's mine! - no it's mine! - no it's not, it's mine!) Give one twin the praying child doll and the other the praying teddy!

  2. You are going to a baby shower and you don't know if it is going to be a girl or a boy. (Especially useful for a gender reveal party right?)

  3. The child is a little boy who has already announced in no uncertain terms: "Dolls are for Girls!"
You may of course just prefer Teddy Bears to dolls anyway.

Other religious gifts:
Why they'll love this toy: Safe for all ages
Soft and cuddly Teddy Bear for Boys or Girls - says the Lay Me Down prayer
Approximately 10 inches tall
Super soft Velboa fleece over foam and fiberfill with satin trims
Sound box sealed inside- no replacing batteries plays 100's of times! Exceptionally clear and easy to understand - rare in a doll this inexpensive
Total cuteness factor! Praying paws! Uplifted eyes! Cute smile! Adorable child's voice recording!
Do not submerge in water - Surface wash only
NONE of our goodnight prayer toys pray the dark and gloomy version of this traditional prayer
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