Ruff & Tumble - a soft, stuffed dog for boys
Ruff & Tumble - a soft, stuffed dog for boys
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Reasons why Addie and I think this is the best little boy's toy ever:
  • Babies and infants can't see well until about six months, so they start exploring their world with their fingers. Ruff has lots of different textures -- corduroy, fleece and 'fur' -- and lots of visually contrasting areas to stimulate both senses... sight and touch.
  • Toddlers need loveys and security objects to carry around. They can carry around an old rag or blankie, or they can carry around something attractive... which would you prefer?
  • Teddy bears are so generic... Ruff has a distinct personality and will stimulate your son's imagination quicker and better.
  • Ruff is tough enough for the rougher play of a boy. 
  • This one is kinda hard to pin down in words, but Ruff  'looks' like a boy's toy; some boys will automatically reject anything that seems too girly. So far we've had universal acceptance for Ruff. 
  • Made by Mary Meyer... one of the premier names in soft plush toys.
Why we love this toy: Safe for ages: All Ages including Newborns
Multiple textures, contrasting patterns and colors to stimulate sight
Approximately 16 inches tall
Soft and cuddly and lightweight
The reviews are in! Boys love Ruff & Tumble
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