Madame Alexander's 'My First Baby'
Baby Safe from birth
Madame Alexander's 'My First Baby'
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Believe it or not, 'Baby Safe' dolls that will last through the toddler stages are really rare, so Addie and I were excited to discover these 'My First Baby' dolls from Madame Alexander about ten years ago. She has since become our most popular 'First Baby' for Black, biracial and multiethnic children. And we think that it is exactly because she can be given to babies and toddlers and even older... that broad age range is what makes her special.

We're sure you're familiar with the Madame Alexander Doll Company, a tradition of high quality dolls for over 90 years. We were very surprised when they entered the Baby Doll market, but we're sure glad they did! Look at the quality of this doll!

This super-soft plush 'pillow doll' is dressed in a pink fleece onesie with longtail hoodie over a fiberfill stuffed body. She has three little pom-poms for accents, vinyl hands and head, with painted brown eyes and baby's first curl. She is a light to medium brown, suitable for the whole range of babies of color.

News Release:


(May 2015) New York, NY – Madame Alexander is awarded its newest accolade, adding to its roster of prestigious toy awards!

Soft and cuddly, this 12-inch, powder pink, plush baby doll is a must-have for all new babies! The perfect first baby doll, easy for little hands to hold and cuddle. Ages Newborn 0+

“Nothing is more fascinating to babies, than other babies. These soft, cuddly First Baby Dolls are easy for a baby to squeeze, and they are easy to wash. They're irresistible, and safe for even the tiniest infants. One of the favorites is the Baby Powder Pink doll that was introduced in 2007. This doll has been captivating babies’ attention for nine years. It is designed with a soft, huggable body, a vinyl head, and a sweet face that will enchant the very young.”

-The Dr. Toy Team

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Doll Type: An over stuffed 'First Baby Doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Color / Type Beige, painted, painted curl on forehead / NA
Size: approx 12 inches
Availability: In Stock
Packaging: Window Box
Special Because: Her light brown coloring and sweet baby face makes her a great gift for any baby of color
Awards Won: Dr Toy 2015 Best Classic Toy Award
Reasons to love this doll: Safe for ages: All Ages including Newborns
Perfect Gift for a new baby, or as a bedtime companion for a toddler! Baby safe, washable and super soft
This style of doll is called a Pillow Doll because it is stuffed like a soft pillow! Washable fleece over fiberfill with vinyl head and hands
Famous Madame Alexander quality - a great value
The only doll that we have kept in our line-up for over 10 years... Customers like you have proven her popularity!
Over the years the eye and hair colors have varied slightly, but the skin tone has stayed consistent If you bought one of these a couple of years ago it might look slightly different
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