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'Include' your child!

Why are there special needs dolls and accessories?

A soft cloth Boy doll standing with the support of a doll's walkerIf you put a doll in a doll's wheelchair, does it get loved any less?
Is a Down Syndrome Doll loved any less?

Children 'get this,' without being told.

 "I love my special needs doll just like my Mommy and Daddy loves me."

It really is that simple... and that profound. 

So no, you don't need a special needs doll, or a doll's wheelchair, or a doll's guide dog... but isn't it nice that you can?

The multiple award winning Skwish™ is what is called a 'manipulative toy.' 
It helps develop the small muscles in the hands, fingers and wrists  (Fine motor skills).

Special Needs Dolls and Special Needs Doll Accessories

Down Syndrome Girl Doll - EthnicDown Syndrome Girl Doll - Ethnic
First ever ethnic rag dolls especially for children with DS
Down Syndrome Boy DollDown Syndrome Boy DollThe miracle soft-sculpt doll - a gift of love for your special DS child.
Doll's Guide Dog with White CaneDoll's Guide Dog with White Cane
Your child's best friend can now be part of imaginative and nurturing play.
Doll's Wheelchair for Cloth Dolls & Teddy BearsDoll's Wheelchair for Cloth Dolls & Teddy Bears
When a wheelchair is just another toy, your child is accepted more easily
Doll's WalkerDoll's WalkerBright and cheerful doll's walker!

Activity Toys and Gifts

Skwish 'Classic' - A Tensegrity ToySkwish 'Classic' - A Tensegrity Toy
You don't have a Skwish?
Why not?
Our #1 Development Toy
Don't let their simplicity fool you - these are powerful learning toys!
Skwish Stix!Skwish Stix!
Last Chance
for our best
Activity Toy! 50% OFF

StinkyKids© Dolls fit Wheelchairs and Walkers

Meet 'Trey' - He's an AAAA* Boy!Meet 'Trey' - He's an AAAA* Boy!
*As in - All Around Asian-American Boy
Hannah - An all cloth Asian rag dollHannah - An all cloth Asian rag doll
Embroidered dimples... how cute is that on a doll?
Skye - Soft and Lovable Black Girl's Cloth DollSkye - Soft and Lovable Black Girl's Cloth Doll
Your daughter will love Skye
Billy - An African-American Boy DollBilly - An African-American Boy Doll
Soft yet sturdy African-American boy rag doll

Animated and Musical Toys ♫ - Fascinates & Stimulates!

Sleepy Lullaby Lamb (Winky Waggie)Sleepy Lullaby Lamb (Winky Waggie)
Hush, little baby, please don't cry. This little lamb plays you a lullaby.
Nursery Time Animated & Talking LambNursery Time Animated & Talking Lamb
I have a secret weakness for impressive gift-giving
Goodnight Prayer Bear - by GundGoodnight Prayer Bear - by Gund
The Original!
GUND's Prayer Bear
The ABC's Song Musical Plush BearThe ABC's Song Musical Plush Bear
A 'Can't Miss' new baby gift!
Cute - Soft - Pretty

Do I really need 'special toys?'

Soft Cloth Girl's Down Syndrome DollOf course not, but research does emphasize the importance of play for all children. 

They learn through role-play - Down Syndrome dolls teach nurturing skills - giving instead of receiving - caring for something outside of themselves, and additional benefits like: Imagination and Creativity, Storytelling and Language skills. Self-esteem.

For children with disabilities, our soft balls help alleviate 'fear of the ball.' And the Good Nite Lite? You won't believe how much better the whole family sleeps when your children learn 'when to go to bed,' and 'when they can get up!'

So no, you don't need developmental toys. But we chose them for you because they offer so many great benefits for your children. They help teach Cause and Effect, stimulate tactile, auditory and visual skills. Sorting - Grasping - Color Matching, etc. And most of our Learn-to-dress and other soft developmental toys also combine skills like: dressing skills, color differentiation and fine motor skills; many even have a little pocket for a reward!

Anatomically Correct Dolls to teach Good Touch - Bad Touch

Jennifer - An Asian American Girl DollJennifer - An Asian American Girl Doll
A Toddler's Favorite!
Play baby with brushable hair
David - An Asian American Boy DollDavid - An Asian American Boy Doll
Handsome and sturdy
Jazlyn Black Girl DollJazlyn Black Girl Doll
The Black doll
with natural hair
James - A Black Boy DollJames - A Black Boy Doll
It took us years to find
this amazing Black Boy doll!
Little Emma A toddler girl dollLittle Emma A toddler girl doll
Dollmaking done right!
Jacob - A Toddler Boy DollJacob - A Toddler Boy Doll
Boys rough house?
Almost impossible to break!
Little Shanti - Brown Baby Girl DollLittle Shanti - Brown Baby Girl Doll
Some little girls are particular about their dolls
Little Sanjay - Brown Baby Boy DollLittle Sanjay - Brown Baby Boy Doll
Meets the needs of
so many Mommies!

Here are some more ideas for you; Click to visit:

Learn to Dress and Activity Dolls

Many children miss vital opportunities  when developmental delays are not identified early enough

Our learn-to-dress dolls and other activity toys can help parents and educators screen and evaluate

autism, intellectual disabilities and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders among others 

with our colorful, fun and non-threatening early educational learning dolls 

How important are dolls to the well being of your children? And should those dolls be 'normal' dolls, or should you buy your children special needs dolls or down syndrome dolls?
Most experts agree that Special Needs Dolls and Down Syndrome Dolls not only help normalize doll play for your child but also with your children's peers as well. But are these dolls right for you - and your child?
While most of our guests have come to this site knowing that they want these products, we recognize that some of you are not quite sure what to think of 'dolls with downs,' or whether a doll's wheelchair is the 'right gift.'
Fortunately, you don't have to decide in a vacuum! Pattycake doll has often been consulted about Down Syndrome Dolls and other Special Needs doll toys. My new doll has Down's syndrome was published in Canada's Macleans Magazine and speaks to some of the opinions surrounding these issues, as did an article from Time Magazine titled New Dolls on the Block that provided a European perspective on special needs and downs dolls.
Obviously, different families will have different opinions on these dolls. But we're here to tell you, your children will love them - we've never gotten one back!

Our Down Syndrome dolls were designed with both the approval and continuous consultation with many of the major organizations that work with our children. The working samples and design changes were repeatedly sent back and forth from the design studio, the manufacturer and these national organizations until everyone agreed that they were as good as 'cloth and stuffing' could be!
While shopping on our site we remind you to please don't pre-judge -- look at these dolls through your child's eyes. They don't care about colors or shapes or 'accuracy.' What they see is simply a doll to love.
You know, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Parents occasionally use it; children - never!

Already have dolls?

Our African American Elle Doll in a Doll's WheelchairOf course you don't have to buy our disability dolls, you can buy just our doll wheelchair and /or our doll guide dog and use your own dolls or toys for a special needs child.

Our toys for special needs children do have the advantage of being the right size for each other; our DS dolls are completely machine wash and dry. Our disability doll's wheelchair and disability guide dog doll will also fit many of our African American baby dolls, Asian baby dolls and Hispanic baby dolls throughout the rest of this site.

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