Little Emil, A Boy Doll from Rubens Barn®
Little Emil, A Boy Doll from Rubens Barn®
Little Emil is the same size as the other Rubens Barn Party Collection Dolls
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When it comes to choosing a doll for your son or daughter, it's nice to have choices, right? 

Because once in a while, your children do want a boy doll, but not necessarily a baby doll. They don't want a baby to nurture and be like Mommy and Daddy, they want a buddy to play with and have as a friend.

Little Emil with his friendly smile, dimpled cheeks and full head of thick brown head of hair is so definitely not a baby. He's a toddler. A companion to play with. The perfect buddy doll. 

For your daughters, it might be the same thing... a doll that resembles a little brother more than 'a baby to mother.' Emil's perfect for them too.

So who is Little Emil, anyway? 

Little Emil is one of the 'Little Party Collection' dolls by Rubens Barn®.

Based in Sweden, (Barn is Swedish for child),Rubens Barn designs soft sculpted dolls with a unique look and personality... the chubby cheeks, the applique eyes, big smile, small nose, fingers and toes and that chubby toddler body designed to feel more like a real child in your son's or daughter's arms.

They also do an absolutely marvelous job with the hair, soft and smooth, just like a toddler's real hair, and the dolls all come dressed in really nice, well made outfits.

The dolls are all polyester, so they are machine washable and dryable, (although the removable clothing should be hand washed).

Doll Type: Soft Sculpt All Cloth Little Boy Toddler Doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Type/Color: White, Brown, Brown polyester
Size: 15½ inches
Gender Boy
Availability: In Stock and ready to ship
Packaging: Shelf Sitter Base, Tagged, Bagged
Special Because: We got a great deal and passed the savings on to you!
Why they'll love their doll Safe for ages: 3+
Absolutely Adorable all cloth soft sculpt doll fifteen inches tall Sculpted shaped smile, dimples, cheeks and nose, hands w/ thumbs, feet w/toes, ears
Machine washable doll and dry low heat (Or squeeze in a towel and air dry)
Outfit is removable and hand washable Consists of pull on denim jeans and the checked, cuffed shirt with puppy bandana
Hair 100% polyester, stuffing 100% polyester fiber. Skin 100% polyester fleece. Hair looks and feels like real baby's hair and is very soft.
Chubby, cuddly doll with a weighted bottom that makes it feel much like a real baby when held
Designed and Manufactured by: Design Rubens Sweden AB, imported by Magic Cabin®
Cute Face has applique eyes, soft sculpt smile, embroidered eyelashes and blushed cheeks
CE Safety standards - Meets or exceeds all American and International safety standards
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