Holiday Outfit for Boy Dolls
Holiday Outfit for Boy Dolls
See how generous the cut is on a 15 inch doll (shoes not included with this outfit)
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Do you know how many Holiday outfits we have seen for Boy Dolls over the years?


That's right! This is the first and only time we have ever seen a Holiday outfit for boy dolls.

We're showing it on our 15 inch doll, but as you can see from the picture it is sized rather generously and will fit our 16 inch dolls as well.

The other great thing about this outfit is that it's all one piece making it very easy for younger children to dress and undress their dolls. (It has a long Velcro® seam in the back)

PS: For some of our baby dolls that are cloth bodied and therefore non-gendered, if you take off the 'pink' clothes, you can dress the doll in our Boy's holiday outfit and make it a boy doll. 
Why you'll love this outfit Suitable for children 3 and older
Generous size and wide back closure make dressing their dolls easy
It's all one piece... bow tie, vest, shirt and velvet slacks
Adds a festive feeling to your child's doll play and nurturing
You can also turn a cloth bodied, non-gendered 'girl' doll into a 'boy' doll with this outfit
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