My Friend Fritzi
My Friend Fritzi
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There's been a lot of buzz about how the toy industry is too 'pink and blue.' Like not enough dolls for boys, or that the girl's dolls are all pink.

So one of our most exciting discoveries this year was the Fritzi Doll... a gender neutral doll that appeals to both boys and girls and yet doesn't force them into a 'label' either way. 

And it just happens to be one of the best toddler's dolls we've ever seen! 

Fritzi is perfectly sized for a toddler at 12 inches, has a friendly face, a full head of hair (baby dolls are usually bald, so toddlers will see more of themselves in this doll), and comes dressed in an adorable sunny yellow romper. 

Kids take one look and they're hooked! 
Clothes made by Haba for Fritzi
Doll Type: All cloth toddler doll with removable outfit
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Type/Color: White, blue, blond fabric
Size: 12 inches
Gender: Neutral
Availability: In Stock
Packaging: Standing window Display Box
Why we love this doll: Safe starting at age 18 months and up
There's something about Fritzi's friendly look that instantly attracts kids to him.
Soft all cloth doll with removable jumper and diaper
Hand washable
We offer both the starter set and the three piece 'Elephant' outfit Both are also 'gender neutral'
Gender neutral doll is neither too pink nor too blue! It's a perfectly sunny yellow!
Fritzi is in the original European package that says it comes with a teddy - it doesn't
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