Saturday Night 3pc Dressy Jean Set for 18" Dolls
Saturday Night 3pc Dressy Jean Set for 18" Dolls
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Addie and I try very hard to buy 18" dolls of color for children of all ages. But especially the younger girls. American Girl®  dolls start at 8 years old, and we've proven that 3, 4 and 5 year olds can have just as much fun with 18 inch dolls as their older sisters. 

But we tried so hard to carry a great selection of ethnic 18 inch dolls and clothing for the younger girls, that we started to get requests for more dressy, (and therefore harder to put on and off) for the older girls

That American Girl dolls and their clones were really fashion dolls, and they wanted more 'fashions."

So OK, we thought, we'll give that a try for you, and we've brought in some really wonderful 18 inch doll fashions for the older girls and their dolls. The response has been terrific, and this outfit has become an instant best seller!

Includes: Sequins and stitching 'blue' jeans, knitted 'necktie' sweater and yellow camisole top
Fits: American Girl, Gotz, Lissie, Adora, Sophia, Corolle and other 18 inch dolls
Packaging: Polybag
Age recommendations: 8 years and older
Special Because: The exquisite sweater - we've never seen anything like this elsewhere
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