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Dolls for Boys and Dolls that look like Boys

To make shopping fast and easy, we've sorted our Boy's Dolls into 4 groups:

Good Buddy Graham, cloth boy's doll that looks like a boy1: The Boy's Dolls that look like Boys.Our 'Belly Button Boy' Soft Sculpted Cloth Baby Boy doll

2: The Soft & Cloth Dolls for Boys

3: "Goodnight, Sleep Tight!" - Boy's Dolls in Pajamas
& Dolls that say their Goodnight Prayers 

4: Cuddlies & Lovey Dolls 
for Newborns & Baby Boys

A quick Video intro to the different kinds of boy's dolls:

1 -The Boy Dolls that 'look' like Boys

PlayTime™ PrincePlayTime™ Prince
When they ask for a baby boy doll...
Good Buddy Graham, a Doll for BoysGood Buddy Graham, a Doll for Boys
Which one do you think the boys pick?
Aquini - Boys Potty Training DollAquini - Boys Potty Training Doll
Three dolls in one!
PlayTime™ Little PrincePlayTime™ Little Prince
And you didn't have to kiss a lot of frogs!
My Happy Boy - Biracial / Multicultural Baby DollMy Happy Boy - Biracial / Multicultural Baby Doll
Not just smiling,
but Laughing!
Riviera Sunshine - a Bath Baby DollRiviera Sunshine - a Bath Baby Doll
          A Bath Baby Doll for
            Boys or Girls Play
              'Gender Neutral'

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep - Goodnight Prayer BoyNow I Lay Me Down to Sleep - Goodnight Prayer Boy
Great for all 'gifting' occasions
from Christmas to Christening!
Calin Sky Baby Boy Doll by Corolle of FranceCalin Sky Baby Boy Doll by Corolle of France
For some, only Corolle will do.
Jaxon - A Baby Boy Doll with HairJaxon - A Baby Boy Doll with Hair
Is he a baby or a toddler? You decide.
Cutie LouieCutie Louie
Every doll has something special about it - Cutie Louie scores a 10 on the cuddle factor scale!

Little Emil, A Boy Doll from Rubens Barn®Little Emil, A Boy Doll from Rubens Barn®
For the child who wants
a buddy - not a baby
Big Brother SteveBig Brother Steve
15 inches tall and all boy!
Tidoo Turquoise Boy's DollTidoo Turquoise Boy's Doll
European design means
lots of great features
Sock Monkey - Bath Time Baby BoySock Monkey - Bath Time Baby Boy
The 'QuickDri™' version
of the popular
PlayTime Prince Boy Dolls
My Friend FritziMy Friend Fritzi
The perfect
Toddler's 'starter' doll!
Rubens Barn Little Harry - African American Boy DollRubens Barn Little Harry - African American Boy Doll
In the dictionary
Next to the word adorable
is Harry's Picture!
Madame Alexander's My Baby BrotherMadame Alexander's My Baby Brother
Final Clearance!
33% off retail
Valentine by Käthe KruseValentine by Käthe Kruse
Traditional European
doll making
at its best

Anatomically Correct Toddler Boy Dolls

Jacob - A Toddler Boy DollJacob - A Toddler Boy Doll
Boys rough house?
Almost impossible to break!
Little Sanjay - Brown Baby Boy DollLittle Sanjay - Brown Baby Boy Doll
Meets the needs of
so many Mommies!

David - An Asian American Boy DollDavid - An Asian American Boy Doll
Handsome and sturdy
James - A Black Baby Boy DollJames - A Black Baby Boy Doll
Don't you just want to pinch those cute chubby cheeks?

The 'Tiny Baby' Series

Tiny Baby - Baseball BoyTiny Baby - Baseball Boy
Nothing Fancy, Just a Classic Little Boy doll
Tiny Baby - Asian Boy DollTiny Baby - Asian Boy Doll
Born in the shadow of the Great Wall, descendant of Dragons!
Tiny Baby - Black Boy DollTiny Baby - Black Boy Doll
Made our 'Best Dressed' list in his gorgeous blue Kente cloth!

The 'Multicultural' Series

Black Doll in Muslim Boy's Kufi & Kaftan OutfitBlack Doll in Muslim Boy's Kufi & Kaftan Outfit
Not available in any store... our exclusive Black Muslim Baby Boy Doll
Multicultural Doll in Muslim Boy's Kufi & Kaftan OutfitMulticultural Doll in Muslim Boy's Kufi & Kaftan Outfit
So Cute! Our Little Muslim Boy in his Kufi and Kaftan outfit. 
Multicultural Boy Doll in South Asian Kurta PyjamasMulticultural Boy Doll in South Asian Kurta Pyjamas
Our little Bollywood Star!

A life-sized and life-like Toddler Boy Doll

'Woof' - a Toddler Boy Doll by Adora'Woof' - a Toddler Boy Doll by Adora
Just look at his expression!
What a happy baby!

2 - The Soft Cloth and Plush Boy's Dolls

Cool Kid Asher, a Boy's DollCool Kid Asher, a Boy's Doll
Every feature you ever wanted in a little boy's doll!
Jack Patch - the Pirate DollJack Patch - the Pirate Doll
The doll that's good for him
Noah by Lil'TotzNoah by Lil'Totz
When your son needs a friend
Bean Bag Zoo! Lion Boy DollBean Bag Zoo! Lion Boy Doll
½ Teddy Bear
½ Doll for Boys
100% Cute!
Raggedy Andy DollRaggedy Andy Doll
Still a classic,
Still a favorite!
Conner Learn to Dress BoyConner Learn to Dress Boy
The perfect first doll for a new baby boy!
Belly Button Blond Baby BoyBelly Button Blond Baby Boy
An adorable little baby boy
to cuddle, care for and love!
Baby Fella - Baby Boy DollBaby Fella - Baby Boy Doll
The famous 'pacifier' 
Baby Boy Doll
Sean - Learn to Dress Baseball BoySean - Learn to Dress Baseball Boy
Our most requested Boy's doll
Policeman Learn to Dress Activity DollPoliceman Learn to Dress Activity Doll
Award Winner:
Deservedly So!
Fireman Activity Toy for ToddlersFireman Activity Toy for Toddlers
A toddler boy's
Favorite Toy!
The Snowy Day LoveyThe Snowy Day Lovey
Our #1 selling Black Doll
Belly Button Ethnic Baby BoyBelly Button Ethnic Baby Boy
The Belly Button boys are among our most popular!
Baby Bottoms Biracial or Latino Baby Boy DollBaby Bottoms Biracial or Latino Baby Boy Doll
Please don't get offended, but this doll has his... 'you know what!'
Baby Bottoms Black Baby Boy DollBaby Bottoms Black Baby Boy Doll
The Award Winning all cloth
Black baby boy doll
anatomically correct
Meet 'Trey' - He's an AAAA* Boy!Meet 'Trey' - He's an AAAA* Boy!
*As in - All Around Asian-American Boy
Billy - An African-American Boy DollBilly - An African-American Boy Doll
Soft yet sturdy African-American boy rag doll
Black Raggedy AndyBlack Raggedy Andy
So glad to get these again; (weren't available for 5 years!)
Bobby Buttons - A 1st Learn-to-dress Doll for BoysBobby Buttons - A 1st Learn-to-dress Doll for Boys
For younger toddlers,
Has fewer features.
Sunday Funnies Learn to Dress Ethnic BoySunday Funnies Learn to Dress Ethnic Boy
When 'funny looking' is a great thing!
Sunday Funnies Learn to Dress Black BoySunday Funnies Learn to Dress Black Boy

       Cuter than a Teddy Bear
                But Smarter!
Sunday Funnies - Peg & ParrotSunday Funnies - Peg & Parrot
Sunday Funnies dolls put smiles on their faces☺
Asian Potty Training Doll - BoyAsian Potty Training Doll - BoyTeach your toddler quicker, and eliminate messy diapers from your life!

3 - Dolls in Pajamas

Go to Bed Curious GeorgeGo to Bed Curious George
Want to impress a kid?
Give him this huge, soft George!
Sleepy Time Elmo Plush ToySleepy Time Elmo Plush Toy
Elmo's ready for bed, Super soft plush from GUND™
Goodnight Moon Plush DollGoodnight Moon Plush Doll
The best 
'Time for Bed' doll 
Nighty-Night Soft Biracial or Hispanic Boy DollNighty-Night Soft Biracial or Hispanic Boy Doll
In his PJ's and with Teddy in hand this cute and cuddly boy doll is ready to escort your son to bed!
Nighty-Night Soft White Boy DollNighty-Night Soft White Boy Doll
Some day, he's going to say he's too old for this doll. But not today!
Nighty-Night Soft Black Boy DollNighty-Night Soft Black Boy Doll
Has his PJ's and Teddy
Time for Bed!

"Now I Lay me down to sleep!" -Talking Dolls

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep - Goodnight Prayer BoyNow I Lay Me Down to Sleep - Goodnight Prayer Boy
Great for all 'gifting' occasions
from Christmas to Christening!
Goodnight Prayer Bear (Really says its prayers!)Goodnight Prayer Bear (Really says its prayers!)
It must be
the cuteness factor!
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep - Teddy Prayer BearNow I Lay Me Down to Sleep - Teddy Prayer Bear
The 3 gift-giving times
when Teddy Prayer
is the best answer

4: Boy's First Dolls plus Loveys & Cozies for Newborns

Sleepyhead Infant Boy's CozySleepyhead Infant Boy's Cozy
A sweet little lovey for infant boys
Baby's Best - Ultra Plush Giraffe CuddlyBaby's Best - Ultra Plush Giraffe Cuddly
The hybrid lovey: Doll and security blanket in one
Blankie Buddy ElephantBlankie Buddy Elephant
The perfect toy
for a 2 year old boy
Velour Multicultural Boy Lovey DollVelour Multicultural Boy Lovey Doll
Bright colors, different textures to explore, the perfect infant "lovey" for a new boy!
Velour  'Asian Boy' Lovey DollVelour 'Asian Boy' Lovey Doll
Bright eye catching colors with different textures to explore
Velour 'Black Boy' Lovey DollVelour 'Black Boy' Lovey Doll
Bright colors and different textures to explore; the perfect Black rag style lovey!
Baby Billy Blue - A First Doll for BoysBaby Billy Blue - A First Doll for Boys
Maximized Texturized!
Love you at one, Love you at four... a lovey with 'legs'
The Snowy Day LoveyThe Snowy Day Lovey
Our #1 selling Black Doll

Boy Doll - Boy's Dolls What's the difference?

Like father like son, teaching responsibility for a childSome people come to our site looking for a gift for a new baby boy. Boy's loveys and cozies, or a baby's first doll, generally in blue, was exactly what they were thinking of. Some people are shopping for a toddler who has just been presented with a baby brother; they want a baby boy doll, often an anatomically correct boy doll, to give to the toddler as their own baby.

Others are looking for boy doll because either their daughter or son asked for one... maybe the little girl has a bunch of girl dolls and wants a boy, or maybe a little boy has asked for 'a doll' and the parents want to give him one that's a boy. 

So two different searches on the internet, but the same page of products for both.
So thanks for looking at our boy's dolls, toys and lovey's... we're sure the perfect Boy's doll or unique boy's toy for your son or grandson is here.

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