Lopsy Lamb -  The Unique Stuffed Cozy
Lopsy Lamb -  The Unique Stuffed Cozy
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We've all seen it... baby's softly humming to herself while she strokes her lovey, her eyes getting heavier and heavier until she slips quietly to sleep. And these super soft Comfy Cozies by GUND™ are the best Cozies we've ever seen.

How useful are Comfy Cozies?

  • As a floor mat. For that all important floor play time, just spread the cozy on the floor - helps keep baby clean and germ free.
  • As a lovable cuddly friend. Although the body is soft and flat, the Lopsy Lambs head is fully three dimensional with embroidered features and floppy ears.
  • As nursery decor.
  • As a lovey. Soft satiny underside or soft plush top, the different textures encourage your child's sense of touch.
  • As a sleep aid: Light enough to carry, your toddler is just as likely to curl up with her lovey and take a nap, as she is to sit quietly with her lovey and watches TV with you.
  • As a travel aid: Ever notice how hard it is to get baby to go to sleep in a strange place? Not when she can take her Lopsy Lamb with her!
Why this is such a great gift Safe for all ages - perfect baby gift!
The patented Comfy Cozy design combines the coziness of a baby blanket with animal plush accents (head and paws)
Baby Safe good for all ages - perfect babtism or baby shower gift!
100% Polyesther with a full satin-lined underside
Machine wash and dry
The reason this is such a popular gift is because of its versatility
Every child uses Lopsy Lamb differently, as a cozy or lovey, security blanket, plush toy, nap companion etc.
Over all size about 24 inches square with the head the size of a small teddy bear
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