Blankie Buddy Elephant
Blankie Buddy Elephant
We also carry the Blankie Buddy Lamb, it's a great baby's Baptism Gift!
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If you're the mama of a two year old boy you are going to 'get' this immediately:
  1. There is a small soft cloth security blanket hidden inside the belly.
  2. Your son is going to love taking it out and putting it back in - over and over again. It's a perfect game for him.
  3. Your son is also going to love how soft everything is; both the blankie and the elephant... perfect as a comfort toy, security blanket and soother. 
There are a couple of reasons you're going to love it too: 
  1. It's baby safe.
  2. It's machine washable and dryable.
  3. The blankie is sewn into the inside of the elephant... it can't get lost.
  4. and when the 'blankie is in the belly,' your son has an adorable soft stuffed elephant.'
And it's not too 'pink' or too 'cute.' You'll never hear: "I don't want that girl's toy" when you give him our Elephant Blankie Buddy
Why you'll love Blankie Buddy Safe for all ages - perfect baby gift!
A stuffed toy (that they can 'unstuff' without ruining it), AND a security blanket all in one
The blankie is hidden in the belly of the elephant and is accessed through a velcro™ opening Can't get lost - it's sewn directly to the lining
Machine washable - 100% polyester
The elephant is about 10 inches tall, and the blankie is a 10 inch square
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