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America's #1 Doll Store for Black Children

Playtime Little Princess our most popular Black baby DollTimes have changed since you were a child,
You've got lots more choices for Black Dolls now,

You'll find 6 Black and African American Doll Categories below:

1: Soft Black Dolls for Baby
2: Cuddly Cloth Black Dolls - starting at 6 months
The classic Kenya Doll - Sunday's Best
3: The Black and African American Baby dolls - They look like babies
4: The Toddler Dolls, a little older - Black dolls with hair
5: Beautiful Black Rag dolls - ages 3 and up
6: Little Girl's Dolls - ages 3 and up

Here's a quick 'Look-Book' of our newer dolls

1: Soft Dolls: Safe for a Newborn good until about 3 yrs old

Coralee - A Baby's First DollCoralee - A Baby's First Doll
Our Value Priced 1st Baby  Doll
Velour 'Black Girl' Lovey DollVelour 'Black Girl' Lovey Doll
The softest velour and a friendly face!
Velour 'Black Boy' Lovey DollVelour 'Black Boy' Lovey Doll
Bright colors and different textures to explore; the perfect Black rag style lovey!
My First DollyMy First Dolly
Her name says it all:
Baby's First Dolly
The Snowy Day LoveyThe Snowy Day Lovey
Our #1 selling Black Doll
Lil Hugs African American Baby DollLil Hugs African American Baby Doll
The perfect baby's 1st dolly, Soft plush, built in rattle & crinklies for baby!
Selena Satin SoftieSelena Satin Softie
Swaddled in Soft, Smooth Satin

2: Cuddly Soft Dolls: Your child should be at least 6 months

Black Raggedy Ann DollBlack Raggedy Ann Doll
The original classic in an Ethnic version
One Love DollOne Love Doll
She'll Love
One Love!
Black Raggedy AndyBlack Raggedy Andy
So glad to get these again; (weren't available for 5 years!)
Lil'Totz Winter CuteLil'Totz Winter Cute
~ CUTE! ~
Skye - Soft and Lovable Black Girl's Cloth DollSkye - Soft and Lovable Black Girl's Cloth Doll
Your daughter will love Skye
Raggedy Ann Ethnic Toddler DollRaggedy Ann Ethnic Toddler Doll
Black, Brown or Mixed,
Raggedy Ann for her!
Billy - An African-American Boy DollBilly - An African-American Boy Doll
Soft yet sturdy African-American boy rag doll
Lil'Totz Elana Doll with bonus Cradle BagLil'Totz Elana Doll with bonus Cradle Bag
Two words:
Chenille, and
Zoe's Owls - A Comforting Rag DollZoe's Owls - A Comforting Rag Doll
If you had the time
to make her a doll,
this is how you'd do it.
Baby Bottoms Black Baby Boy DollBaby Bottoms Black Baby Boy Doll
The Award Winning all cloth
Black baby boy doll
anatomically correct
Baby Bottoms Black Baby Girl DollBaby Bottoms Black Baby Girl Doll
Cute, soft and cuddly
All cloth Baby Bottoms™
My Rosy Cheeks BabyMy Rosy Cheeks Baby
Do the words "Soft, cuddly and cozy," describe the perfect doll for your daughter?
Baby Brother Belly Button BoyBaby Brother Belly Button Boy
The Belly Button boys are among our most popular!
Nighty-Night Soft Black Boy DollNighty-Night Soft Black Boy Doll
Has his PJ's and Teddy
Time for Bed!

3: The Baby Dolls - They 'look' like Babies

Lots to Love Black Baby DollLots to Love Black Baby Doll
Kids love these chubby charmers!
The Little Nursery Black Baby DollThe Little Nursery Black Baby Doll
Not too big, and not too small... this little baby is just right!
PlayTime PrincessPlayTime Princess
A pretty
PlayTime Princess
For your little princess!
GiggleTime™ PrincessGiggleTime™ Princess
If you had to choose just one,
Just look at all she can do!
Bébé Bain GracefulBébé Bain Graceful
Sweet Features and Lovably Cuddly
The Baby Nursery - 16 inch Play BabyThe Baby Nursery - 16 inch Play Baby
A bigger doll, for older toddlers
Madame Alexander's 'My First Baby'Madame Alexander's 'My First Baby'
Would you believe it?
10 years and counting!
Cuddle Me Black Life-sized Baby DollCuddle Me Black Life-sized Baby Doll
Can wear real baby clothes.
Nursery Time Babies­™ Black Baby Doll by AdoraNursery Time Babies­™ Black Baby Doll by Adora
Our most impressive Gift Doll, and as large as a real newborn!

4: Then the Toddler Dolls - they look a little 'older'

James - African American Boy DollJames - African American Boy Doll
It took us years to find
this amazing Black Boy doll!
Jazlyn African-American DollJazlyn African-American Doll
The doll with natural hair
America's favorite Black Doll!
Tiny Baby - Black Boy DollTiny Baby - Black Boy Doll
Made our 'Best Dressed' list in his gorgeous blue Kente cloth!
Tiny Baby - Black Girl DollTiny Baby - Black Girl Doll
All vinyl, poseable doll in African Inspired Kente Cloth outfit
Little Sanjay - Brown Baby Boy DollLittle Sanjay - Brown Baby Boy Doll
Meets the needs of
so many Mommies!

Little Shanti - Brown Baby Girl DollLittle Shanti - Brown Baby Girl Doll
Some little girls are particular about their dolls

5: Cloth Dolls for Little Girls starting around age 3 yrs

Sweet Seas Mermaid Soft Plush DollSweet Seas Mermaid Soft Plush Doll
Mermaids are a little girl's imagination
Bianca BallerinaBianca Ballerina
A girl can never have enough Ballerina Dolls!
Loving Lace Inspirational DollLoving Lace Inspirational Doll
A gift for the Baby
and the Bride
Cissy Ribbons & BowsCissy Ribbons & Bows
Pretty Cute
Pretty Sassy
Pretty Classy!
The Crown Princess - A Waldorf Style DollThe Crown Princess - A Waldorf Style Doll
For little girls with a
'Special Imagination'
Rubens Barn Lollo DollRubens Barn Lollo Doll
Is this the best 'natural hair' cloth doll in the world?
Aimee - Cute, Cuddle & Carry Rag DollAimee - Cute, Cuddle & Carry Rag Doll
Little Learner Black GirlLittle Learner Black Girl
Wait 'til they discover all they can do with this wonderful Learn to Dress Girl!
Simply WillowSimply Willow
Heirloom quality,
Timeless Style
Soft & Cuddly
Special Pricing
Rosy Cheeks Big SisterRosy Cheeks Big Sister
Your daughter's 'Keeper'
Rosy Ballerina A Waldorf Style DollRosy Ballerina A Waldorf Style Doll
Little girls love Ballerina Dolls!
Trendy Wendy - A Learn to Dress DollTrendy Wendy - A Learn to Dress Doll
She doesn't look it, but she's a learn to dress too!
Black Potty Training Doll - GirlBlack Potty Training Doll - Girl
Before and After training, she'll have a great doll!

6: Little Girl's Dolls recommended for Ages 3+

Sunday's Best - A Classic Kenya DollSunday's Best - A Classic Kenya Doll
Remember how you loved Kenya? The most famous Black Doll in the world is back!
Music Maker - A Classic Kenya DollMusic Maker - A Classic Kenya Doll
The same wonderful Kenya Dolls that you loved as a child!
Cecile, a Black doll by Corolle of FranceCecile, a Black doll by Corolle of France
When did little girl's dolls
get so pretty?
Madame Alexander's 'Happy Birthday to You!'Madame Alexander's 'Happy Birthday to You!'
The Classic Birthday Gift
Collectable, Not a Toy
Cecile 'French Tour' - A Remarkably Beautiful DollCecile 'French Tour' - A Remarkably Beautiful Doll
A doll so beautiful she became a 'Special Edition!'
Fay A Cuddle & Fashion 18" DollFay A Cuddle & Fashion 18" Doll
Soft & Cuddly 
Starting at only
2 years old!
Inez - an 18" doll by Madame AlexanderInez - an 18" doll by Madame Alexander
Is she really ready for a $120 Doll? You can get her Inez for much less!
Selena Silver 18" Doll by Madame AlexanderSelena Silver 18" Doll by Madame Alexander
It's like getting this doll for only $12.50!
Maria - An 18" Multicultural Doll (Starter Set)Maria - An 18" Multicultural Doll (Starter Set)
Not sure if she's ready
for $100+ Doll?
Madison 18" African American Doll (Starter Set)Madison 18" African American Doll (Starter Set)
New to 18 inch Dolls?
Here's a Starter Set
Lia - An 18" African American DollLia - An 18" African American Doll
A unique loveliness that is only her own
Bella Ballerina 18" doll By Madame AlexanderBella Ballerina 18" doll By Madame Alexander
Is this the best 18" Doll of color ever made?
Zaria 18 inch Double Dutch Twins DollZaria 18 inch Double Dutch Twins Doll
When Black entrepreneurs make dolls...
Wild for Leopard - by Isaac Mizrahi for Madame AlexanderWild for Leopard - by Isaac Mizrahi for Madame Alexander
Hits the 'Sweet Spot!'
by Isaac Mizrahi
Kayla 18" African-American DollKayla 18" African-American Doll
Sold Out
for 2014
Sascha 18 inch Double Dutch Twins DollSascha 18 inch Double Dutch Twins Doll
Hair so thick she'll need pins and clips to control it!
Capricorn - the 18" Hair Fashion DollCapricorn - the 18" Hair Fashion Doll
The 1st ever Black doll with a removable wig
Black Doll in Muslim Girl's Hijab & Abaya OutfitBlack Doll in Muslim Girl's Hijab & Abaya Outfit
Looking for something different? Our exclusive Black Muslim Girl Dolls
Black Doll in Muslim Boy's Kufi & Kaftan OutfitBlack Doll in Muslim Boy's Kufi & Kaftan Outfit
Not available in any store... our exclusive Black Muslim Baby Boy Doll

Plus two beautiful Folk Art Doll Collectibles!

Dolls with Dolls - 16" 'Americana' Rag DollDolls with Dolls - 16" 'Americana' Rag Doll
Americana Style
Decorative doll
(Not a toy)
Dolls with Dolls - 18" 'Americana' Rag DollDolls with Dolls - 18" 'Americana' Rag Doll
The Best Black
Folk Art Doll

Choosing the right doll for your Child...

Beautiful African American Baby DollThis Black Baby doll is going to be her best friend and her constant companion and her very own baby to love and live with for the next... two? three? maybe even twenty years? This doll is too important to be limited to the selection in the big box stores! 

You see, Addie and I have found close to 50 different Black and African American baby dolls for you to choose from... Soft Black Rag dolls and Loveys for the youngest children, all the way up to the beautiful African-American play dolls from Corolle, Diana and Adora. We have musical dolls for the nursery, Black 'Learn to Dress' dolls, and dolls for boys. Even dolls that you can give as gifts for newborns and that are crib-safe.

Why are dolls sold by age group?

18 inch African American Girl Doll

Take 'Loveys'. These soft black rag style baby dolls can be put in a newborn's crib, and have different textures and bright eye catching colors. 

But your baby can't see much farther than your face 'til shes six months old, so she explores her world with her fingers. But these simple black rag dolls will bore a toddler to tears!

On the other hand black baby dolls for toddlers need to be lightweight, so a child just learning to walk can carry her easily;  the more realistic African American dolls might be too heavy until she's a little older. But whatever your need, we offer 50+ Black, Brown or African-American baby dolls to choose from - one or two of them will be perfect for your little girl (or boy)!  

Why pay over $100 for American Girl Dolls?
our 18" dolls cost half as much!

You'll also find Black Nurse dolls and Black Potty Training dolls; Pretty Black ballerina dolls and African American dolls with hair, even hair-styling black dolls. One of the things that makes America great is the wonderful diversity of our peoples. The buyers at the Pattycake Doll Co. have made great efforts to offer you this beautiful selection of Black and African-American dolls plus multi-cultural, bi-racial and mixed baby dolls as well! So whether you are looking for African American cloth doll, or a Black realistic baby doll, Desi baby dolls for children from India, Pakistan and the rest of Southern Asia, we are sure that you will find a safe and suitable ethnic baby doll for your loved ones!

And with our100% satisfaction guarantee, if you can't find a Black baby doll for your little girl on this page, well pardon for us for saying so, but you weren't really looking!

When you think about it, tucked away in your fondest memories, there's a baby doll, or maybe a soft, stuffed toy, that touched your heart and whom you've never forgotten. And now here you are, all these years later, ready to create the same kind of wonderful, fond, life-long memories for your child. So let's get to it! Let's find those perfect dolls that your children will remember forever.

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