Emerald, A Mixed Race Black/Asian Doll
Emerald, A Mixed Race Black/Asian Doll
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Addie and I started the Pattycake Doll Company over a decade ago when we discovered that nobody was making a serious effort to offer a good selection of dolls for 'children of color.'

And although the selection of Black and Asian dolls has improved dramatically, there were almost no biracial dolls for Black-Asian biracial children.

So whenever Addie and I find a mixed race doll, we grab it... no-matter-what.

And if we're lucky, it's actually a beautiful doll, one that we can feel proud to sell, and you can feel excited to discover and buy for your children.

Emerald is exactly that doll.

Emerald comes to us from a small Canadian manufacturer and unlike most of our dolls, is not mass produced in the thousands, but like a fine craft beer, she is manufactured in small limited edition production runs, and comes with a numbered certificate of authority.

Emerald represents a Black/Native-American and Japanese heritage. Her skin color is beige, and her eyes are almond shaped. She has straight black hair and she has a more natural and realistic figure than the typically unrealistic fashion dolls. 

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WARNING! Choking hazard: May contain small parts, not for children under 3 years.

Doll Type: All vinyl, articulated multiracial fashion doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Type/Color: Beige, brown painted, straight black Japanese Hair filament
Size: 12 inches
Availability: New Introduction, limited availability
Packaging: Full Window Gift box with Cover
Special Because: Numbered Limited Edition, Certificate of authenticity
Why she'll love her doll Manufacturer Recommendation for Children 6 or older
Emerald is meant to represent a Black/Native American Heritage (Father) and a Japanese Mother
She comes dressed in this beautiful sheath mini dress and hand made espadrilles and pierced ears
She also comes with a color coordinated purse
Although Emerald is roughly the same size as Barbie® she is proportioned more realistically
Emerald's features and color could also accurately represent many of the East Asian and Pacific Islander children
Complete with full Window Display Gift Box with certificate of Authenticity and Limited Edition Numbering
Your daughter will also get the enclosed storycard about Emerald's family, background and heritage
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