Big Blue Plush Monster Friend
Big Blue Plush Monster Friend
Big Red - the middle boy of the Monster DollsBig Green is the little 'Monster' brother
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There are a lot of reasons to love the 'Big' Monster Plush toys:
  • The #1 reason is that the boys love them!
​But Also:
  • Designs that are colorful, friendly and never scary.
  • Quite soft, with brushed fleece and jersey fabrics dotted here and there with embroidered features.
  • Three sizes -Big Brother (Blue), the middle boy (Red) and the youngest brother (Green) Great for families with more than one kid!
  • Baby safe... lots of textures for baby's fingers to explore
  • They don't look like dolls... you won't get them back with a "Dolls are for Girls!" 
Big Blue was the most popular with our older boys... they liked his 'stuck-out tongue,' his belly button, his orange toes (don't ask... we didn't get it either,) and his bumble-bee striped horns.  

The two and three year olds went for Big Green... he's smaller and has a less busy - more calming appearance.

And of course the most active boys in all age groups went right for the bright 'Big Red.' 
Doll Type: Soft Plush free form 'Friendly Monster' style doll
Size: 12 inches tall
Gender: Meant for the Boy's Market
Availability: In Stock
Packaging: Hang tag
Why we love this doll: Safe for ages: All Ages including Newborns
At 12 inches Big Blue is the biggest of the three boys
Soft brushed plush polyester over polyester fiberfill
Baby safe, surface washable
Like the other two, sits upright
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