Tubmarine! Submarine Bathtub Toy
Tubmarine! Submarine Bathtub Toy
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No, Addie and I do not expect you to spend $9.99 for this wind-up submarine bathtub toy, and then another $8.95 for shipping.

What we're hoping for is that after you've chosen your bathtub doll, you'll get curious enough about these quirky looking bathtub toys to take a look and then add them to your cart.

The reason Addie and I added these two bathtub toys is because we adore these uniquely shaped variations of the classic 'rubber ducky' and 'bathtub submarine.' 

The Oball wind-up submarine, and the OBall rubber ducky, are infant safe, BPA free, brightly colored and easily grabbed by children as young as six months. 

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Why they'll love their toy Safe for: Ages starting at 6 months
Hours of bathtime play for toddlers and young children!
Wind up the propeller and it goes! Submarine floats in the bathtub when not 'wound up'
Soft BPA free plastics, bright colors - colors vary Pictures for illustrative purposes only
Made by Oball - has their classic 'easy to grip' design
Sub is about 5 inches long, 4 inches tall, three inches wide
Packaging: zip tied to a cardboard hanger card
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