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Need some help? Have a question? Here's how to contact us:

As an internet business, our safe and secure shopping carts are 'open' 24 hours a day, but we do understand that some customers really need just 'a little bit more information' - something they couldn't find on our site.

The best way to contact us is by e-mail at: PattycakeDoll (at) Hotmail.com

Or you can call (646) 481-DOLL and leave a message on our automated voice-mail service from 9:00AM to 9:00PM Eastern Standard Time.

As an etailer, we have more warehouse staff than office staff, so phones are not the best way to reach us.

We are usually closed on Federal Holidays (the Post Office is closed - we can't ship our packages), Christmas, and the three days in February when we travel to the American International Toy Fair to look at the products we will carry for the following season. 

Just $8.95 Flat Rate Shipping for US Orders!

One doll or five dolls, East Coast or West Coast, whether it's an 18" American Girl® sized doll or three tiny baby's lovies - you'll pay only one flat rate charge of $8.95! And you'll get an email when we ship with your delivery confirmation number at no additional charge! Got lots of nieces and nephews? Is her birthday in November or December? Load your box with everything you want, you won't pay more than $8.95!

And if you're shipping to a Military Base, the shipping is free as long as it's an AA, AE or AP address!

For our international customers, please click here for information on how we help you get these same beautiful dolls.

Our Story:

In 1978, a couple of newlywed kids named Peter and Addie founded a small graphic arts studio in New York City. But, as you can imagine, it is very difficult to own horses while living in NYC, so in 1980 they moved 300 miles north to the snow-belt township of Manlius N.Y. where they bought an 1860's farm house and started raising a family along with a house full of birds, fish, cats, dogs and yes, horses. 

In 2002  they brought their unique art and designs for Adoption Announcements and Shower Invitations to the internet as the Happy Artist LLC, along with 'Dolls for Adopted Children.'  It wasn't long before the doll business outgrew the stationery business and The Pattycake Doll Company was born.

Today we are still one of the most popular doll stores on the internet, and have expanded and modernized with a new "designed to be mobile friendly store" called Best Dolls for Kids, which we invite you to visit at Best Dolls for Kids.com 

We feel blessed to have had you as our customers, thank you for trusting us with your needs.

A % of all profits of the Happy Artist companies are donated to charities that help children.

Our Charitable Gifting Policy

Question: What do you mean by your statement: a portion of all our profits are donated to charity?
Answer: We donate a portion of all all profits from all operations of The Happy Artist LLC. This includes our online sites SleepySoft.com and Pattycakedoll.com. and sales from our other stores like Etsy and Ebay

Question: Who decides which charities you give to?
Answer: We do! Obviously there are thousands of deserving organizations, and we realized years ago that we couldn't help everyone. Since the majority of our products are geared to children and their parents, The Happy Artist LLC charity gifting is generally, though not exclusively, geared to organizations that also concentrate on children. 
THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK YOU!!! Here are the charities that your purchases have supported: Make-A-Wish; St Baldricks Children's Cancer; Nightlight Christian Adoptions; Childvision - World of Hope ; Time is Now; Spirit of America; Chances by Choice (HIV Adoption); Hope for Bereaved; Holt International Children's Services; The Smile Train (Cleft Lip & Palate Surgical Repair); The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - Light the Night; Making Strides (Breast Cancer); KFC (Korean Focus Cincinatti); The Child Development Center of Spelman College; Dolls for Daughters; Build the Dream Martin Luther King Memorial, UP21 Foundation.
How do I know that you have my doll in stock?
Our software counts down the inventory, and when it gets to zero, it won't allow you to order it. If you can order it, it should be there. Addie, our staff and I spend a lot of our time on inventory... you could say it's the lifeline of our business. However, we reserve the right to make substitutions with like items for out of stock products when the value, use and styles will be similar or the same.  This happens in approximately 1 in 5000 orders. (More often than not we will simply refund the price of the out of stock item. We rarely substitute, but want you to know that if we have something close enough to not matter, we will.)

You haven't answered my question; how do I get a hold of you?
Whichever way works best for you: Phone, Email, Skype or Chat.

You can call us at 646-481-DOLL. If we are in the warehouse or out of the office or after 9PM Eastern there is a voice message system in place.

Safe and Secure Shopping

PattycakeDoll.com's shopping cart system is hosted by Storesonline; your shopping cart information is kept private and on their secure servers, not on our store's PC.

Your credit card transactions are also secure, as we use Authorize.net. When you type in your credit card information and submit your order, the information is transmitted not stored. As soon as Authorize.net approves your credit card for the order they notify us by e-mail and clear the information. We never see or store your credit card number, so it's impossible for the bad guys to get it from us...we don't have it! At the bottom of this page are our Authorize.net and Trustwave seals of security. Both are live links and can be verified.

You may also use PayPal™ if you wish, conveniently located on the order form.

A Message about toy safety...

As retailers in the toy industry, and as parents, neighbors and friends, The Laudin Family and The Pattycake Doll Co want to assure you that the products we offer are safe. We do not currently, nor have we in the past, ever had any of our products recalled.
So what kind of safety tests do our manufacturers have to do?
  • Small parts are subjected to the choke test,
  • Polyester fill is tested for flammability,
  • Plastic pellets are contained in beanbag inserts etc.
  • Eyes, buttons and other 'attachments' are tested for pull strength, and are safety set (GUND is particularly famous for their safe-set eyes)
  • Strings and ribbons are kept short, generally less than 11" long.
  • non-phthalate vinyl requirements have caused doll makers to "cleanse" their molds and change to safer vinyl mixtures.
    All of our products come to us certified for age safety. And we are careful to write these age recommendations into our copy. Unless specifically marked differently, you should assume the doll is meant for three or older.
    Of course there are things that you as a parent can do as well. For instance children who are older than three, but still putting items in their mouths should be still using the three year old age safety rules.
    Another example: There's the old wives tale that we grew up with that says that the tube of cardboard that comes inside toilet paper is roughly the same size as a baby's throat. If you can place the toy inside a toilet paper tube, don't let the child play with it unsupervised. (the actual measurement used by the Consumer Product Safety is 1 1/4") And of course, if you have more than one child, make sure that a toy your four year old plays with is not left where your two year old can get it.
    But mostly, child safety is just plain common sense. You put medicines out of reach, you put covers on the plugs, you lock up the cleaning chemicals with safety latches... be aware of what you give your children to play with... read the tags, look the toys over every few days; and best of all... get down on the floor and play with your child!!
    If you would like more information on toy safety, please visit the official site of the TIA (Toy Industry Association) here. You will be leaving our site.

What Size is my doll?

Dolls of all sizes for comparison All Dolls look the same size on the internet! So what size is your doll? We put the sizes on the descriptions and features pages for each doll.
From Left to Right: Top: an Asian Lots to Love doll (10"), StinkeyKids Johnny boy doll (12'') and Savannah an African American doll with hair (19").
Bottom: The Baby Nursery (16"), Sierra soft cloth doll (11"), Layla Black Rag Doll (9") and Sesame Street abby Cadabby Plush doll from GUND. (12")

An open letter to our customers

It seems as we move further into the 21st century, that it becomes harder and harder to stay 'politically correct.'

We receive a great many emails each week from our customers, the overwhelming majority of which are heart felt thanks from parents who have found a doll on this site that met their needs... a doll that they could not find anywhere else, a doll for a child.

Very rarely, we get a complaint. The doll is not "Asian" enough. The skin color doesn't match. The description is 'demeaning,' 'ignorant' or both! People 'will be,' or already are 'offended' by our copy, our descriptions etc.

Please; these are sacks of cloth with stuffing inside them. They are toys for children, not our personal opinions of what real children look like, nor the solutions to the world's problems. 

In all our years of business, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, We have never received a doll back from a child; nor have we received one back from a parent with the reason being "my child didn't like your doll." Never! You see, children love dolls unconditionally. It's the adults who quibble.

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