Dora Loves You - A Soft Plush Cuddle Doll
Dora Loves You - A Soft Plush Cuddle Doll
How she's packaged, love the heart shaped back of the box!
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People think Addie and I carry Dora because we have to... "you carry all those multicultural dolls and don't have a Dora the Explorer?"

But that's not it. We carry Dora, because years ago a mother called us to tell us about a daughter who was one of very few Hispanics in her school, and who was being bullied a little bit because of it... until she found a hero in a little cloth doll that her uncle had given her... a doll named Dora the Explorer. 

We carried that first Dora way back when because she was a Hispanic doll... our children were grown and we didn't know her from TV or anything. We hadn't a clue. Since then the licensing mania has taken over and everyone knows who she is. And most stores are selling her because of her fame.

We like to think we're still selling her because she's a hero to Hispanic and Latina girls... not a baby doll to nurture, but someone to look up to, to be proud of and a role model for girls who can say... I'm proud of my heritage. 

PS: This particular version: 'Dora ♥'s You' we think - but are not sure - was made by Fisher-Price for a customer in an overseas market, because try as we might we could only find them on European sites. 

Doll Type: Soft Cloth Character Doll
Features and Construction Head is foam filled, Hair is corduroy, eyes, nose and mouth embroidered
Size: 12 inches
Packaging: Cardboard Shelf sitter package
Availability Limited to Stock on Hand
Why she'll love this doll: Safe for ages: 3+
All cloth over fiberfill and foam
Surface washable (per manufacturer)
Officially licensed by Viacom and Nickelodeon
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