Sevita - A Cuddle & Carry Rag Doll
Sevita - A Cuddle & Carry Rag Doll
Aimee - Just a few shades darker 'skin' and black instead of brown hair
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When Addie and I go to Toy Fair, we have a tough job. 

We have to find dolls that the grown-ups will buy (you have the money after all) but that the little girls will love - because the love that little girls have for their dolls is special.

And it's not as easy as you might think. We have to please three different age groups, with three different expectations. 

  • Grandmas look at our products with a touch of nostalgia... but also remember how hard it was to find rag dolls of color back then.
  • Mamas and Aunties are a little more practical... how long will that rag doll last in our daughter's arms? 
  • And the little girls themselves are the easiest - if it's even half way pretty they're going to be happy. It's a gift from you after all.
Fortunately, Sevita matches all three group's expectations:
  • She has the look of the home-made Black rag dolls like the ones that Grandma may remember "the Church ladies would make:"
  • Mama will like that she's an all cloth one piece pillow doll, that if your daughter gets too rough with her, a few stitches with needle and thread will soon have her good as new. 
  • And she's so pretty even the 'pickiest' young lady will instantly fall in love with her! 
Doll Type: Biracial / Multicultural / Ethnic Rag doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Color / Type Light Brown, Dark Brown, Brown / Felt
Size: Approximately 24" tip to toe
Packaging: Hang Tag
Gender Girl
Availability In Stock
Special Because: Her size: currently our largest soft cloth rag doll
Why she'll love this doll: Safe for ages: 3+
This doll is our biggest rag doll at approx 24 inches - two feet Large as she is she's still lightweight and easy for your daughter to carry around
A unique design featuring a home made look and fabric store prints! All cloth doll over soft fiberfill
All one piece cloth doll, nothing to get lost.
super cute applique heart on each doll
Bright and colorful design appeals to kids
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