Precious Moments® Patty in Pink
Precious Moments® Patty in Pink
Here's a close up of her double looped braided hairstyle
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How do you know if your daughter really loves dolls?
  • She has a lot of them that she plays with  - not just one or two.
  • Whenever someone asks her what she would like, she says " A new doll!"
  • She has different kinds of dolls... baby dolls, dress up dolls, rag dolls - she likes them all.
  • When friends come over for a play date, they come to 'play dolls.'
If we've just described your daughter, then Addie and I have a really special doll for her: Our exclusive Precious Moments® Patty in Pink doll.

Here's why she's so special:
  • Because she'll love her! The Precious Moments tear-drop eyes, button nose chubby cheeks and bright smile have a special magic that makes them irresistible to children.
  • Because she'll love her hair! Go over to the right there and expand that picture, and take a really good look at those braids. If you aren't impressed yet, you should be! Your daughter will be!
  • But mostly because our Precious Moments Patty in Pink is a Pattycake Doll Company Exclusive. No one else will have her - it's a special doll for your special girl! 
Our Precious Moments Black Nurse doll is also an exclusive
Doll Type: All vinyl and poseable African American toddler doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color, Hair Color / Type: Brown, Brown Precious Moments­® Teardrop, black Synthetic looped braids & bangs
Size: 12 inches
Scented? No
Availability: Limited Made Exclusively for The Pattycake Doll Company in small quantities
Special Because: You can give your daughter a special doll to love and cherish
Why she'll love her new doll: Safe for ages 3 years and older.
​A Pattycake Doll Exclusive!
Precious Moments dolls are great play dolls for children, sturdy, pretty and well dressed!
Removable outfit includes: One piece long sleeved t shirt dress with pink ballerina 'tulle' overskirts, coordinating pink striped tights and shoes
If you know any 'Black Doll' collectors, this exclusive will be of interest to them as well Especially if they already collect Precious Moments
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