Mimi So Cute! Asian 'Designer' Doll
Mimi So Cute! Asian 'Designer' Doll
here is how the doll looks from the backA child holding Sophie and Lili® dolls
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Is your daughter trendy, modern and have a delicious sense of style?

If your answer is yes, then she is going to adore these cute new cloth print designer dolls. 

When Addie and I first saw these at The American International Toy show in February, we were immediately intrigued. It was a "Holy Cow! What's that?" type of moment. I know we're getting repetitive here, but they are really cute!

What you're looking at is a pillow doll, with a bright new 'designer' print on it. The designer is Jennifer Vallez, and the print is of the doll on one side and a colorful daisy print on the other. All cloth and overstuffed, these dolls are finger friendly and very pretty. 

PS: Most people don't think of it at the time, but dolls always end up sitting on your daughter's pillow during the day. This is one of the few dolls that we happily recommend as 'room decor' as well as play thing!
Doll Type: Two dimensional screen print designer doll - Amerasian
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Type/Color: Light, Black, Black
Size: 12 inches tall by 2 inches thick
Packaging: Polybag
Special Because: Makes for cute room decor as well
Why we love this doll: Safe for ages: All Ages including Newborns
Bright, colorful and cheerful 'designer print' cloth doll
Licensed Doll from the Sophie and Lili® line of designer dolls
Surface wash only
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