Lorelei Lamb - Little Girl's Heating Pad
Lorelei Lamb - Little Girl's Heating Pad
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Neither 100% a soft plush toy nor a plain unadorned kid's heating pad, the Warm Snuggles Lorelei Lamb is both - a microwavable heating pad for children, disguised as a soft plush and cuddly lamb.

Lorelei is part of the new trend by the heating pad manufacturers to make kid friendly microwavable heating pads... smaller sizes, attractive covers that can be removed and cleaned.

And of course so cute that your daughter will ask for her at bedtime: "Warm my bed Mommy!"

Lorelei is about 10" tall by 5" wide, and filled with buckwheat hulls, rice and lavender flowers. The removable cover is 100% polyester.

1: As with all microwavable heated products do not allow children to use unsupervised.
2: There is no 'one-size-fits-all' heating, as microwaves differ in wattage and power. Heat for 15 seconds and then add 15 second re-heats until temperature is comfortable to skin.  Do not overheat. Do not leave inserts in microwave unattended.  
3: Remove the insert before washing the cover.  Do not put the seed inserts in water.  

4: Placing this product in a plastic bag before freezing will help keep it clean.

Why she'll love her heating pad Safe for all ages with parental supervision
Use as a heating pad for aches and pains, or a comfort lovie
A few hours in the freezer and it becomes a soothing Cold Pack Use as an ice pack on hot itchy bug bites, on bruises or to cool a fever
No leaking ice water, or freezer burn on your daughter's skin
Outer polyester Lamb cover is removable and washable
Perfect 'child size' at approx 10" by 5"
The Lavender flowers in the insert also makes this great for soothing aromatherapy
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