Lil' Prayer Buddies Olivia Owl (Jesus Loves Me)
Lil' Prayer Buddies Olivia Owl (Jesus Loves Me)
Here's a little better view of Opal in Olivia's pouchSo you can get a rough idea of Lil Prayer Buddies sizes
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You have to admit, to a three year old child, the idea: 'Jesus Loves Me,' might be a tad confusing.

On the other hand, the fact that "Mommy and Daddy wrap their arms around me in love," the same way Olivia the Owl loves her baby Opal in her pouch, is easy to explain. 

So when your child presses Olivia's wing, and she sings the Jesus Loves Me song... well that's pretty easy to explain too. Just like the Owl loves her baby, just like Mommy and Daddy loves me, Jesus Loves Me too.

Take it from people who sell lots of children's dolls. Yes, it does work that way.

So will four and five year olds like this toy too? Is it popular in Sunday School and Bible Camp? Is it a great 1st Communion Gift? 

Have you ever met a little kid who didn't like a soft plush 'Momma and Baby toy' that sings? Me neither. It's a sure thing.

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WARNING! Choking hazard: Contains Button Batteries, not for children under 3 years.

Why they'll love their plush Safe for ages: 3+
Ten inch long soft plush Owl and Owlet that sings "Jesus Loves Me' song Child's voice... very cute!
When you press her wing tip, she sings the song.
Interesting textures, nubby fleece for the body, colorful print fabrics for the legs & ears, Embroidered faces for both Momma and Baby Baby sits in a pouch sewn to Momma's belly
Comes packaged in cellophane bag with instructional hangtag
The perfect gift for a young child teaches the lessons of Jesus' love in a way she / he can understand
Includes LR44 button batteries
Surface wash only - do not immerse sound box in water
We would like to emphasize once again: Soft, cute, lots of interesting textures for their fingers, bright eye catching colors and patterns This is a really nice plush and cuddly toy as well.
PS: The pictures are for illustrative purposes only - Olivia does not walk or stand!
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