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Fabulous Finds & Gift Dolls: Black and African-American

Going Gardening! - 17" 'Americana' Rag DollGoing Gardening! - 17" 'Americana' Rag Doll
A beautiful
Folk Art
'Americana' doll
You Are Loved - a Music Box AngelYou Are Loved - a Music Box Angel
From your heart to theirs 
Music Box Angel
Cecile 'French Tour' - A Remarkably Beautiful DollCecile 'French Tour' - A Remarkably Beautiful Doll
The Multicultural Beauty
Madame Alexander's 'Birthday Wishes ' African American DollMadame Alexander's 'Birthday Wishes ' African American Doll
The Classic Birthday Gift
Collectable, Not a Toy
Curls of Love Toddler DollCurls of Love Toddler Doll
Why You Shouldn't
Buy This Doll:

And Two Pattycake Doll Exclusive Dolls from Precious Moments

Precious Moments­® Black Nurse DollPrecious Moments­® Black Nurse Doll

A gift for a girl, a gift for a Nurse
or a gift for a Collector!
Precious Moments® Patty in PinkPrecious Moments® Patty in Pink
Less than a dozen ever made!
First come, first serve,

Exclusive! Black 'Dancing Ballerina" Musical Jewelry Box

Black Ballerina Musical Jewelry BoxBlack Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box
Exclusively for you
in a Black version!
The Dancing Ballerina
Black Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box w/ DrawerBlack Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box w/ Drawer
When little girls dream
about being pretty...

'Sunday' Dolls for Every Day Play!

It is a pretty Sunday afternoon, and the young mistress has been escorted to the nursery for some quiet play time.  And because it's Sunday, her Nanny reaches into her apron pocket and takes out the large brass ring with all her keys, and finally... finally!... unlocks the 'Sunday' Doll cupboard. 

The child stands before the cupboard, finger to her lips as she tries to decide who she is going to play with this afternoon. On the daybed behind her are her every day princess and baby dolls, and they watch too as Missy decides. Finally, she points, and the Nanny lifts out a most beautiful doll and lays it in the little girl's arms...

Addie and I would like to present to you our selection of dolls so pretty, and so precious, that if were living in the Victorian England setting of our little story; these dolls would have been 'Sunday' dolls. 

Of course today we live in this very modern 21st century - with internet shopping and world wide commerce - and thousands of dolls to choose from. But for just a minute, we would like to invite you to imagine yourself in front of that antique glass windowed display case, choosing the most beautiful doll, for the child you love.

The 'Sunday Doll' Selection:

Carla Jean - 14" Toddler DollCarla Jean - 14" Toddler Doll
Could have been the model for the book!
Carla Marie 14" Toddler DollCarla Marie 14" Toddler Doll
A sweet sister,
or a 'Best Friend'
My Baby Princess Lily RoseMy Baby Princess Lily Rose
European elegance in a classic hand made doll
My Baby Princess Sarah RoseMy Baby Princess Sarah Rose
The Perfect Doll
In the Perfect Dress

From the The Rubens Barn® Little Party Collection

Little Emil, A Boy Doll from Rubens Barn®Little Emil, A Boy Doll from Rubens Barn®
For the child who wants
a buddy - not a baby
Rubens Barn Little MeiyaRubens Barn Little Meiya
A doll so cute,
she'll forget it's a doll!

Fabulous Finds & Gift Dolls: Asian

Baby Angelia - An Asian Princess DollBaby Angelia - An Asian Princess Doll
The doll? We have plenty!
In this gorgeous outfit? 
Just a few.
Smart Cookie - a 20" Asian Toddler Doll by AdoraSmart Cookie - a 20" Asian Toddler Doll by Adora
An award-winning beauty 
in the 'Best Classic Toys' 

Fabulous Finds & Gift Dolls: Seasonal

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Musical PlushRudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Musical Plush
♫ Has a very shiny nose
and it glows

Dr Seuss's The Grinch Who Stole ChristmasDr Seuss's The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
Loved by Children & Adults
Holiday Gift and Decor
(Favorite of Secret Santas!)
Max the Dog from 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'Max the Dog from 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'
Even 'The Grinch' has a Dog!
A Holiday Favorite!
Clarice® ReindeerClarice® Reindeer
The perfect 'friendship' gift
Special edition
50th Anniversary!
The Grinch Doll in his Santa SuitThe Grinch Doll in his Santa Suit
Christmas makes even this bad boy lovable!
Rudolph­® The Red-Nosed Reindeer Plush ToyRudolph­® The Red-Nosed Reindeer Plush Toy
Special Edition
50th Anniversary
soooo soft!
Cancer Cure Elves RodneyCancer Cure Elves Rodney
Not a Toy
But Still a Doll!
Help fight Childhood Cancers
Cancer Cure Elves CatieCancer Cure Elves Catie
African American Holiday Elf
Helps fight Childhood Cancers
Cancer Cure Elves LamarCancer Cure Elves Lamar
Here's a cute Black Boy Elf 
To fight Childhood Cancers!