Black Ballerina, Super Hero Princess, Learn to Dress Doll
Black Ballerina, Super Hero Princess, Learn to Dress Doll
Flip the Princess's Crown down, and it becomes her Super Hero Mask!
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Only 12 lucky people are going to be able to buy this doll for their daughters or granddaughters from us this Christmas. That's all. Twelve.

Why? Because we're pretty much keeping it a secret... not everyone is going to see this doll, or know it's available... at least for this Christmas! The only way you find this doll is if someone pins it, shares it on Facebook, or if you clicked on the links from our Dancing Ballerina Music Boxes or noticed it on our product pages.

We are doing no other marketing for this doll at all!

Also, because it's brand new - released November 2016 - most other stores won't have them in time for Christmas! So if you were looking for the doll that 'nobody else will probably have'... this one's it!
And it's a wonderful, wonderful doll!
  • It's a soft plush Super Hero Princess Ballerina Doll.
  • Look at the 2 pictures; her super-hero mask flips up to become her ballerina princess crown!
  • It's a learn to dress doll - with Snaps (hair bows), Zipper, Ties and Button.
  • It's safe for 18 months, but has all the 'shiny and sparkly' that the three year olds adore. 
  • And she's soft and cuddly!
If you agree that this is a really cute and special doll, don't delay. We only bought 12.

PS: Why all the fuss you may ask? 
We bought these in February, knowing that they might not arrive in time for Christmas! We couldn't buy hundreds of dolls and risk having them all arrive after the holidays - 
we couldn't risk having a lot of these in inventory until next Christmas! 
But... if they did come in on time we figured, then great - we'd have something special to offer to you. 
Why you'll love this doll: Safe for children starting around 18 months
can be three different dolls... pick your favorite!
Black Ballerina Princess Doll With Crown flipped up
Black Super hero Doll With Mask flipped Down
Black Girl's Learn to Dress Doll Snaps, Button, Zipper, Ties
Approximately 14 inches tall
Machine Washable - Air dry
Made by the Madame Alexander Company

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Can't Wait for Kiddo to See Her!The shipping was super fast! The items were packaged with care! I ordered this item because my daughter is in love with princesses and super heros...and this doll is both! I can not wait for her to see her gift! Written by Jaida on Mon 5 Dec 2016 4:37:00 PM GMT
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