Bandito the Bandit - a Boy's heating pad
Bandito the Bandit - a Boy's heating pad
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Since it's mostly Mommies who buy the microwavable heating pads for children, most of the ones we see are cute and cuddly, or plain and functional. 

Bandito is a different story. Here's a heating pad that the boys like. 

Not to say that Bandito isn't cute and cuddly, he is. But not so a boy would notice!

The point is, that your son needs to have a way to get heat to sore muscles... just like your husband. And your macho little man wants those same stinky smelly heat rubs and patches just like his dad.

We've got a better idea. Get them both a Bandito.   

Bandito is better smelling, reusable, safer and has more uses than a slap on heat patch or electric heating pad. And in the long run, a lot cheaper too. 

Bandito can also be used as a bed warmer for your son's bed, can be placed in the freezer and used as a cold pack for bug bites and bruises - and because it's 100% cotton sock material - there's a lot less chance of a rash. 

Like all microwavable heating pads though you'll need to take the proper precautions:
1: As with all microwavable heated products do not allow children to use unsupervised.
2: There is no 'one-size-fits-all' heating, as microwaves differ in wattage and power. Heat for 15 seconds and then add 15 second re-heats until temperature is comfortable to skin.  Do not overheat. Do not leave in microwave unattended.  
3: Surface wash only - do not allow contents to get wet.

4: Placing this product in a plastic bag before freezing will help keep it clean.

Is used for: Children's Microwavable Heating Pad and Bed Warmer, Plush cuddle toy
May also be used as: Bed cooler or mild fever relief on forehead, Cold pack
Size: Approximately 11 inches
Insert Type: Fiberfill, Flax seeds (and foam for head)
Scented With: Lavender
Insert Removable? No
Cover: 100% Cotton Sock Material
Design: Sock Monkey "Bandit"
Packaging: Open Stock - Attached tags
Availability: In Stock delivers in 3-5 days
Why we love this product: Safe for ages 3 and older - heat and use with parental supervision
One of the Socky Dolls­™ from Intellex Inventors of Heatable Plush Toys and Gifts
Only heat in the microwave, not in conventional or toaster ovens!
Can be heated or frozen
Surface clean only, do not let the contents (seeds and lavender) get wet
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