BabySoft - Baby's First Dolly
Machine washable!
BabySoft - Baby's First Dolly
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Looking for a baby's first doll? Look no further! BabySoft is without question the best you can find!

Addie and I sell a lot of different first dolls for babies; we have lovies with multiple textures, we have Taggies™, we have musical dolls for the nursery, and many more. 

But as a gift for a new baby, or for a first baby doll for a toddler, none are softer or cuter than our BabySoft baby's first dolly. Made of 100% velboa plush fabric, machine washable and with a 'baby safe' rating BabySoft is also a light brown color suitable for many ehtnicities and cultures. 

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Doll Type: Baby's First Doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Type/Color: Very Light Tan, Brown, Yarn/Brown
Size: 10 inches
Gender: Girl
Availability: In Stock
Scent: None
Packaging: Tagged, bagged
Why we love this lovey: Safe for ages: All Ages including Newborns
BabySoft is an all cloth baby's 1st doll made from the softest velboa plush fabric
Machine Washable and Baby safe
Finger friendly! different shapes and textures for baby to explore with her fingers
Light Tan and Pink with a white collar and feet, pink ribbon in her hair
We'll have your order there in about 3 days!
PS: If she attaches to this doll, please consider ordering a 2nd as back-up There is nothing worse than a 'little lost lovey!'
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