Maria - An 18" Multicultural Doll (Starter Set)
Set includes one Maria, 3 outfits 1 pair of sneakers
Maria - An 18" Multicultural Doll (Starter Set)
18" Maria Doll in her factory-dressed green shiftThe two extra 18" Doll Clothes Sets included with the Maria 18" Doll (you will receive the sneakers but not the shoes)
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Desi. Indian. South Asian. Filipino. Mexican. Biracial. Mixed kids. Doesn't everybody know that there are more 'children of color' than white kids in America today? Stands to reason that there would be more '18" dolls of color' too doesn't it?

Yeah. Well. Good luck with that, right? Till now at any rate. Although we don't carry as many dolls as American Girl™, at least we can now offer you a decent selection of  '18" dolls of color!'

Say hello to our Maria, an 18 inch ethnic doll. Whiskey brown skin, warm brown eyes, straight black hair. Describe anybody you know? Maria is simply a beautiful doll. Great value too! When you buy Maria for your daughter, you'll also be getting two additional doll outfits of 18" doll clothes!

PS: Madison and Maria are our 'starter sets,' and are meant as an entreé into the category for younger girls. To buy an 18" American Girl® with three outfits would cost you over $200. A high price if she's not ready. This set is $44.99

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WARNING! Choking hazard: May contain small parts, not for children under 3 years. 
Doll Type: Poseable, jointed softbodied doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Type/Color: Whiskey Brown, Warm Brown 'Sleeping eyes' (open and close), Waist Length, Straight, Synthetic / Black
Size: 18 inches
Availability: In Stock
Packaging: Window box doll, window box clothing set
Reasons to love this doll: Doll Safe for ages: 4+ / Clothing and Accessories ages 4+
Maria comes with three outfits
18" doll clothes will fit most dolls by American Girl®, Lissi®, Goetz®, Madame Alexander®, Adora®, Fibrecraft®, Our Generation®, Sophia's® and Corelle®.
The starter set includes the doll in her shift, and the two additional outfits including one pair of sneakers
Smooth vinyl limbs, jointed at shoulders and hips, poseable
Soft and cuddly cloth body is stuffed with 100% polyester fiber
We also carry Madison, who is darker and has more 'natural' hair.
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