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18" Fashion Dolls for Your daughter!

She asked for an American Girl®, but when you went looking,
you found their selection of Ethnic 18" dolls a 'little lacking.'

Or maybe you want to introduce her to the world of 18" dolls,
but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars. 

What if your 5 year old daughter really wants an 18 inch doll?
So many say "Ages 8 or Older!"

Welcome to The Pattycake Doll Company's 18" Doll Store 

The Largest Selection of 18" dolls for Children of Color, 
Most for less than ½ the price of American Girl®*

18 different 18 inch and 17 inch ethnic dolls - one is sure to match your daughter!

When your daughter sees her new 18" doll, the first thing she'll think is: "This doll is so pretty!"
Then she'll realize: "This doll's like me! I must be pretty too."

And that's what we're about: Beautiful Dolls for Beautiful Children - like yours.

Our 18 inch Dolls for Children of Color:

Madame Alexander's 'Autumn Mist' 18" DollMadame Alexander's 'Autumn Mist' 18" Doll
Why pay for the hype? An 18" doll at 1/2 the price of an 'American Girl®!'
Bella Ballerina 18" doll By Madame AlexanderBella Ballerina 18" doll By Madame Alexander
Is this the best 18" Doll of color ever made?
Winter Ball - an 18 inch PrincessWinter Ball - an 18 inch Princess
               Don't wait...
       we only bought a few
Kayla 18" African-American DollKayla 18" African-American Doll
The doll is pretty,
but the face is gorgeous!
Mia - The Unique 18 inch Doll from 'I'm a Pretty Little Black Girl'Mia - The Unique 18 inch Doll from 'I'm a Pretty Little Black Girl'
Lia - An 18" African American DollLia - An 18" African American Doll
A unique loveliness that is only her own
Lola - a Biracial or Hispanic Doll with Lighter HairLola - a Biracial or Hispanic Doll with Lighter Hair
Finally! An ethnic doll with lighter hair (and now... hair extensions!)
Ellena - An 18" Multicultural DollEllena - An 18" Multicultural Doll
A 'mixed' heritage
with a touch of the exotic.
Maria - An 18" Multicultural Doll (Starter Set)Maria - An 18" Multicultural Doll (Starter Set)
Not sure if she's ready
for $100+ Doll?
Capricorn - the 18" Hair Fashion DollCapricorn - the 18" Hair Fashion Doll
The 1st ever Black doll with a removable wig
Fay A Cuddle & Fashion 18" DollFay A Cuddle & Fashion 18" Doll
Soft & Cuddly 
Starting at only
2 years old!
Madison 18" African American Doll (Starter Set)Madison 18" African American Doll (Starter Set)
New to 18 inch Dolls?
Here's a Starter Set
Jasmine - an 18" East Asian & Oceania DollJasmine - an 18" East Asian & Oceania Doll
Lively eyes and the cutest smile!
Paige & Rodeo - 18in Black Doll and her HorsePaige & Rodeo - 18in Black Doll and her Horse
Never before sold in
Doll or Toy Stores!

Our 17" Baby Series*

Baby Aasha - A Doll of India & South AsiaBaby Aasha - A Doll of India & South Asia
Beautiful bright eyes and a winsome smile; a face of charm and beauty.
Baby Angelia - An Asian Princess DollBaby Angelia - An Asian Princess Doll
The doll? We have plenty!
In this gorgeous outfit? 
Just a few.
Baby Rosalina - Latin American DollBaby Rosalina - Latin American Doll
(But Beautiful!)
* No, these are not 18 inch dolls, and they are not built like the American Girl® and her 'clones.'
These beautiful ethnic dolls are 17 inches long, and although they have the soft and huggable cloth body like the 18" dolls, they do not have the jointed hips and shoulders, and are a little more plump than their 18 inch 'sisters.'

Their faces are also more like babies, as opposed to the 'little girl' look of most 18 inch dolls. But they do fit into almost all of the 18" doll clothes we have, including the Rosy Cheeks Waldorf style soft dolls we carry. And, they are safe for 3 year olds, unlike many of the 18" dolls which are meant for 4, 5, 6 years and sometimes older.

Click here to Buy Clothes & Accessories for her Dolls!

Doll Clothes for 18 inch DollsDoll Clothes for 18 inch Dolls How to care for your doll's hairHow to care for your doll's hair
Until someone teaches her different, she won't know how to care for her new doll's hair. Click here for that information

The two accessories considered "Must Haves"

Hair Brush for Doll's HairHair Brush for Doll's Hair
A true Doll's 'Wig Brush,'
Anything else will ruin her hair.
Doll Stand for 18" DollsDoll Stand for 18" Dolls
Protects her Doll,
Helps keep it looking great!
Doll Stand & Hair Brush Combo PkgDoll Stand & Hair Brush Combo Pkg
Save 20% when you buy them together.


Our lawyers wanted us to put this warranty information into legalese, but we think our customers are adult enough and honest enough to appreciate a little plain talk about what you can and can't expect when you buy a Doll from the Pattycake Doll Company.
  • So here goes: First of all we cannot warrant the hair or the eyelashes. Whether the doll has a wig or 'rooted hair,' inevitably hair will break and/or hair will fall out - especially at the first brushing; and children love to 'pick at' those eyelashes! Dolls with hair will not look like they just came from the beauty parlor! Do not expect perfection!
  • We also can't warrant the clothing... just like the clothing you buy for yourself, there are occasional loose threads, missed seams etc; but we do not send out stained or defective clothing.
  • If the doll has sleeping eyes, they were checked before shipping to make sure they were not 'cross-eyed' or that the weights were broken. If your child pokes the doll's eyes (and some do), they will break.
  • And just like people, children's dolls come with minor skin blemishes. These are normal in the process of manufacturing, and will only be joined by more as your children play with their dolls. 
​That said, we want you to know that we examine every doll very carefully before shipping. We look for all of these problems: Loose eyelashes, eyes moving and looking naturally positioned, no excess glue under the wigs, clothing sewn properly with no obvious defects, clothing fits, no disfiguring blemishes or deep scratches, no smeared paint, the arms, legs and head move smoothly.

We don't want upset customers, so we try our best to make sure that the dolls we ship out are as close to perfect as is possible. We reject a lot of dolls before shipping, so that you never have to. 

The Pattycake Doll Company also offers a 30 Day - no questions asked - Money Back - Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
This is not the same as a product warranty. If a product is obviously defective, we will replace it. (And shame on us for letting it get out of our warehouse that way in the first place) But if - for example - your daughter's doll's eyelashes 'fell out' we won't.

*The Pattycake Doll Company is not affiliated with American Girl®, a Registered Trademark of American Girl, LLC.

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